How to cancel Finish Line order? [Refund and Return]

Finish Line, Inc. is an American retail chain store that mostly deals in sports shoes and related accessories. The company is popular among the athletes who follow particular brnad like Nike, Adidas, Rebook, Puma and others.

They have been wonderfully working since 1976. So far they have more than 900 retail stores in america and puterico. They belive in fusion of performance with style. They want to create impact by delivering the epic finish.

Customers have expressed mixed reviews toward Finish line. People have appreciated their product but have unfriendly experience with staffs and online delivery.

You can cancel, exchange, edit or return your Finish Line order using multiple ways. You must be alert while using these steps to save money.

How do you cancel your Finish Line Order?

You can cancel your Finish Line order using multiple ways.

Cancel your Finish Line order using website

  1. Visit the official Website and Log in to your Account
  2. Find the order that you want to cancel from the Order History
  3. Fill in all the details reqired and click on the cancel order button.

After this, make sure you confirm your cancellation order.

They have very short window for delivery because of their automated delivery system. You can only cancel your order before it has been shipped.

Cancel your Finish Line order by calling

This is the most recommended method to Cancel your Finish Line order:

  • Call Finish Line customer service at 1-888-777-3949
  • Find a representative and request them to cancel the order.
  • Submit all the requested documents and wait for confirmation.
  • Confirm your cancelation of order and wait for confirmation mail

You will nnot be eligible to cancel or change your order once it is shipped. You will need to return them back for exchange or refund.

Cancel your Finish Line order by visiting Finish Line Stores:

  • Go to your nearest Finish Line Store
  • Find a representative and request them to cancel your order
  • Fill out all the informations requires and wait for confirmation.


Check your delivery status before canceling your order. They usually have short window for delivery.

How To Return Or Exchange Finish Line Order?

You can retur their products bought using two methods. By using mail or by visiting retail stores.

  • Visit the Finish Line return page
  • You will need your Order Number and Email Address (from the order).
  • Then, look up the order and follow the instruction.

Alteratively, you can visit any JD store or Finish Line Store with in US or US territory. However, you will need to send all the documents and tag within 45 days to exhance or return your order without any additional Shipping cost.

Which address should I use to return Finish Line Order?

You can return your Finish Line order to any of the nearest store within US or US territory

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How can I edit my Finish Line Orders?

You can edit your orders online, by calling them at 1-888-777-3949 or by going to their retail stores. To edit order online:

  • Visit
  • Login to your account with your credientials.
  • From the order option go to edit order.
  • Do the desired changes
  • Click on update order.

You can always use alternate method. They are as easy as they sound. Remember to edit orders as quick as possible. You can not edit your order after it is shipped.

Can we edit or add our order?

Yes, You can edit, add, and remove orders and items before the item is shipped.

Cancellation Policy

Their policy of cancelation is very simple.

You need to be quick while canceling order as they provide very less video because of their automated shipping system.

If you miss to cancel your order you will have to return them with in 45 days to get your refund.

After succesful cancelation you will receive a mail.

Can I return Finish Line product?

Yes, you can return products of Finish Line. As, the return Policy states that you can return your orders for free only under few conditions. Such as it must be unworn and in their original and proper condition.

The price tags be attached to the items, and must be returned in their original condition and original box.

Also, the returns should take place within the first 45 days of their original purchase

Can we return goods after time period?

Yes, you can return product after 45 days but you will not be eligable for refund.

Refund Eligibility

Yes, you will get a refund if the online order is returned with in 45 days.

However the cost of shipping depends upon your quantity and mode of purchase.

You are required to Cancel Boots Order but will not receive any refunds from the company, but Finish Line does provide refunds.

When will I get my Refund from Finish Line?

After sucessfull cancellation, it will take 3 -5 business days to process your refund. The refunded amount should be added to your account. There are other factors that might delay your refund such as public holidays, banking and wrong details.

How to Contact Customer Support?

You can contact customer support via their website or call the company support all details are on the table below.

Official website
Phone Number1-888-777-3949
Contact Details Of Finish Line Inc.

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