How to Cancel Lazy Dog Beer Club in 2023?

Occasional drinking is fun and morally okay, but what if it becomes a habit? And if you have a membership to Lazy Dog Beer Club. It will contribute more, which is why canceling your membership makes sense.

Everyplate delivers food, Uber is for travel, and Lazy Dog is for drinks. These convenient online deliveries have made our lives easier and have made us addicted to simpler and easier lives, but at what cost?

Most of the members want to save time and want an easy box of beer at their doorsteps and have included these in their habits.

Lazy Dog Beer Club (LDBC) is a membership subscription created by beer lovers for beer lovers. Offering its members the privilege of tasting beers from breweries all across America.

How can I cancel my Lazy Dog Beer Membership?

How can I cancel my Lazy Dog Beer Membership
You can email the support to cancel my Lazy Dog Beer Membership

There can be multiple reasons why you do not want to continue the membership that you were previously interested in. With these tips, you are always in control of what you decide to drink and what kind of beer you will sip.

Email to Customer Service

  • Write an email with cancellation requests as a Subject at [email protected].
  • Include your Full Name, Email, Contact Details, Delivery Address, and account information.
  • Describe the reason and provide them with all your details.
  • You can confirm with member service regarding your cancellation.

As the minimum is quarterly membership, you need to request 5 business days before the next quarter.

Quarterly Charge Dates: 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, and 10/1, regardless of sign-up day.
Annual Charge Dates: For annual members, it will be charged on the 5th quarter. If you started on 08/18/23, then your next charge date would be 7/1/23.


If you cancel your membership at least 5 business days before next quarter’s billing,
Any fees already charged are non-refundable.
It’s your responsibility to notify and update them about any change in your delivery address, kit, or any details regarding your subscribed membership.

Furthermore, you can always find more creative ways that will help you save money just by saying no smartly. You need to be quick when canceling your membership.

Reasons to Cancel your Lazy Dog Beer Club Membership:

  • With time, you might find a better deal.
  • You might not be interested in the plan they offer
  • Perhaps you found that you are not a beer guy anymore,
  • You are not using benefits as much as you expected
  • You do not like the taste of beer.

In reality, you do not need any particular reason to say no if you do not want to continue the membership.

Membership Plans of Lazy Dog Beers

t started its club in 2019 and is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. It offers a wide range of membership options, competitive prices, merchandise, quality restaurant reservations, and excellent customer service. The company aims to provide quarterly beer kits and other benefits for its members.

What Do My Plans include, and What will they cost me?

The moment you subscribe to the membership plan, You instantly get the first kit and glass! This kit will include four house beers from LDBC. 

For the quarterly kits, eight uniquely themed cans of beer from different breweries are provided.

There are two types of memberships to choose from: quarterly and annual.

  • The quarterly membership is $39 plus tax per quarter.
  • The annual membership is $175 + tax to sign up, which will include 5 kits: the first kit and 4 quarterly kits (a $20 savings). When the annual membership renews, the price is $141 + tax per year, and you will then be eligible for 4 quarterly kits.

When will I be charged for the next quarter?

Since you have subscribed to a quarterly program, all dates to charge you will occur on 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, and 10/1, regardless of sign-up day. 

If you have subscribed for quarterly membership and signed up on 4/15, then your next charge date would be 7/1. If you are an annual member, you will be charged in the fifth quarter. For example, if you signed up for an annual membership on 4/15/21, then your next charge date would be 7/1/22.

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