How to Cancel Burn Boot Camp Membership? An Easy Guide

Have you already achieved your workout goals so you now want to cancel your Burn the Boot membership? Or are you seeking new alternatives? No matter what your reason is, we are here with a guide to help you to cancel Burn Boot Camp Membership.

Burn the Boot Camp offers challenging and transformative 45-minute workouts intended to achieve weight loss and muscle gain, including several other perks like complete nutritional support, trainer focus meetings, complimentary child watch, etc.

Ways to Cancel Burn Boot Camp Membership

Cancellation of burn boot camp membership is available through the following methods:

  1. Via Customer Support
  2. Online
  3. On Android
  4. On iPhone

Cancel Burn Boot Camp Membership via Customer Support

  1. You can find the Burn Boot Camp Customer Service Number or Email for different states from its website or Burn Boot Camp Contact Us Page.
  2. You can also contact their customer support team using the given email and address:
    Email: [email protected]
    Mailing address: Kline Franchising, Inc., d/b/a Burn Boot Camp, 307 Gilead Road, Huntersville, North Carolina 28078
  3. Tell them that you want to cancel your membership and provide them with your membership details and personal details like name and location.
  4. Follow the instructions given by customer service. to complete the cancellation process.

Cancel Burn Boot Camp Membership online

  1. Go to the Burn Boot Camp Website and log in to your account
  2. Find the My Account section
  3. Select on Billings & Subscription
  4. Finally, click on Cancel Button

Note that: Online Cancelation may not be available for some states or some types of Subscription. In that case, you can just ask their customer support for help regarding cancelation.

Cancel Burn Boot Camp Membership on Android

  1. Open PlayStore on your Android Device.
  2. Visit your Subscriptions list
  3. Choose Burn Boot Camp from the list.
  4. Mention the reason for your cancelation and finally click on Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Burn Boot Camp Membership on iPhone

  1. Click on your iPhone Settings and go to your Apple ID Profile.
  2. Choose the Subscriptions option from the profile page
  3. Select Burn Boot Camp Subscription from the Subscriptions list 
  4. Click on the Cancel Subscription button from the bottom of the page
  5. Finally, click on the Cancel button.

How to Cancel Burn Boot Camp Order?

If you have bought nutritional supplements or Burn Boot gear from Burn Boot Camp and want to cancel your order, you can request the cancelation of the order by submitting a cancellation request.

For this purpose, you can contact the customer service team at [email protected].

Can I temporarily freeze Burn Boot Camp Membership Online?

Yes, you can temporarily freeze your Burn Boot Membership for up to 30 days. This can be done online or by contacting the customer service.

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