How To Cancel Boots Order? [ 2 Easy And Effective Methods]

Boots is one of the most popular health and beauty retailers and pharmacy chains in the UK. I’m sure you must have used at least one Boots Product if you’re in the UK. It is very convenient to place orders on the site. However, it is not that easy to cancel a Boots Order.

Customers have had issues while cancelling their Boots orders since there is no clear information about the cancelation process on the website. But don’t worry. We got you covered. To help you easily cancel your boots order, we have prepared this step-by-step guide to cancel your Boots Order.

As per the company’s website, you cannot cancel a Boots order until you receive your package, which means you can only cancel your order once it is delivered to you through Returns Policy, or you can also try to convince Boot To cancel your order before delivery.

Stay tuned as we explain each method to cancel Boots Order (before/after delivery) in detail in this step-by-step guide.

2 Best Methods To Cancel Boots Orders in 2023

Some people get misinformed about the cancellation policy of  Boots. Boots doesn’t cancel your order once it is placed until it is received. However, Boots still has the full right to cancel your order. So here are the two best methods to Cancel Boots order before/ after receiving Boots products :

  1. Contact Customer Support Department
  2. Cancel Your Order Via Returns Policy

How To Cancel Boots Order Via Customer Support (Before Receiving)?

Although the company has clearly mentioned, “Any cancellations or amendments cannot be made between placing your order and receiving your parcel”. Since The company still holds the right to cancel your order.

You may be able to get your order cancelled by contacting their customer support. However, the final decision depends on Boots, so, This method may not always work, but it is still worth the shot. If they cancel your order, you don’t have to go through the refund policy method.

To cancel your Boots Order, Follow these steps: 

  1. Reach out to the customer support department by phone call at  0345 609 0055 or through the contact form
  2. Explain to the Customer support representative about your condition.
  3. They will then guide you through the cancellation process (before/ after, depending on Boot’s policies)
  4. Follow the instructions and confirm your cancellation

If your order is successfully canceled, you will receive a confirmation email canceling your order. However, since Boots will make the final call, they may not cancel your order before receiving it. In some cases, they cancel your order by asking you to issue a refund or by not collecting your delivery.

In that case, you have to cancel your order through those methods. That is the only option. However, if you follow the instructions properly you will get a refund.

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How To Cancel Boots Order Via Returns (After Receiving)?  

The company has a clear policy where you can cancel boots order after you receive it. To cancel your boots order after receiving follow any of these 2 steps:

1) Cancel Boots Order Through Your Local Store

You can easily return your product to the local store after you have received it. This is one alternative to cancel your order since you may also get a refund. For this, you will need to visit your Local Boots Store and follow these steps:

  • Inform the Local store Representative about your Item(s) and order number, and show them your order confirmation email.
  • Then they will proceed with the return policy, and you will also get a refund if you’re eligible.

2) Cancel Boots Order Through Post [Free]?

However, If there is no local Boots store nearby, you can also cancel your order by returning it for free by post. Just follow these steps to successfully cancel your Boots order via returns:

  •  Download and fill out the returns form, and you will have to include this form along with the items you wish to return. 
  • Create a returns label with Royal Mail and take it(package) to the post office. Ask for proof of postage and keep this receipt safe until confirmation of return.
  • After the return is processed, you will receive a confirmation email along with the refund (if eligible).

Info Box

If you collected the package directly via Royal Mail, You cannot return the items through the post method.

Conditions To Get Boots Refund

Customers are only eligible for refunds if the products are faulty or they have not been opened (foods or cosmetics). 


Can I Cancel Boots Order Before Receiving My Order?

Although there is no official cancellation policy before the customer receives the order, Boots still has the right to cancel your order. So, If you can convince Boots to cancel your order before it is shipped, you will be successful. Still, Boots will make the final decision: cancellation is not guaranteed.

Can I Cancel Boots Order After Receiving The Package?

Yes, the company allows customers to cancel their order after receiving their package through the return policy, which also offers full refunds (if eligible).

How Long Does It Take For My Boots Order Delivery?

Generally, it takes 4 working days to receive a Boots Order after Order.

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