5 Easy Ways to Cancel Beyond Finance Account in 2023 

Are you planning to Close your Beyond Finance Account? Maybe you found a better Debt relief company or consultant, or maybe you realized it’s better to pay the creditors directly than pay through a company.

Whatever your reason, maybe we are here to help you through an easy process of Cancelling your Account. 

Beyond Finance is a US-based Company that provides Debt relief, management, and negotiation services to their customers. In simpler terms, they help their customers get out of debt by creating a personalized plan for them and by negotiating with the creditors.

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Methods of Cancelling your Beyond Finance Account

Cancel Beyond Finance
Four Methods to Cancel Beyond Finance

You can Beyond Finance through multiple channels, including live chat and fax, and these are five ways to cancel:

  1. By Customer Service Phone Call 
  2. By email 
  3. By Live Chat through the Website 
  4. By physical Mail 
  5. By Fax

Account Cancellation: Important

Customers are allowed to cancel their Beyond-Finance Account anytime. This process is free and does not require any additional fees. However, it is recommended that you choose another debt management service or clear up things with your creditor in advance to protect your credit score for the future. 

Cancel Beyond Finance By Phone Call

Talk directly with the customer representative for cancellation, follow these steps:

  • To get started, make a call to the Beyond-Finance Customer Service at “800 495 4069” or “800 282 7186” during the office hour  
  • Once you have connected with the customer service, request for account cancellation. 
  • After they connect you with a representative, please provide them with your account details and other information. 
  • The representative may try to discourage you from cancelling your account and program. However, stay firm on your decision. 
  • Follow the instructions provided by the representative to cancel your account. and This process may be different for every customer because they provide a personalized program. 
  • Request for an email confirming your cancellation after this process. 

Office Hours for Beyond-Finance

(8 am to 10 pm Monday- Friday and 9:30 to 6 pm on Saturday) 

By email

  • Compose an email including your personal details and account information. 
  • Include the subject as “Account Cancellation Request”. 
  • Include a valid reason for your cancellation
  • Send the email to [email protected].
  • After you have sent the email, wait for the customer service team to get back to you. 

Via Live Chat

By live chatting with customer support is another way to cancel your beyond account as you do not need to hear why you should not leave.

Follow these simple methods for easier process:

  • First, visit the official Beyond Finance Official Website and log into your Account. 
  • Scroll down and click on the “Chat with us” option under the Live Chat support option. 
  • A message box will pop up; enter your email address in the email section, enter your message for Account Cancellation, and send the message. 
  • Wait for a few minutes, and customer support should get back to you. 
  • Follow further instructions from the live chat support to process your cancellation.

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By Physical Mail:

Mailing the company for cancellation time time-consuming and also requires lots of patience, but if you are comfortable writing mail then follow the process listed.

  • Write a letter that contains your account information and personal details. 
  • Include the subject as “Account Cancellation” and the reason for your cancellation. 
  • Mail the letter to the Address “P.O. Box 660442 Dallas, Texas 75266-0442″ 
  • Wait for them to get back to you. This process might take longer as Beyond Finance may receive hundreds of different emails every day.

You need to confirm the address in case they change their address in the future.

By Fax

Faxing your cancellation request to Beyond Finance is a more efficient and secure method compared to traditional mail.

It provides a quicker response and eliminates the risks of delays or misplacement of your request.

  • Write a letter about your cancellation letter that contains your personal information, account details, and reason for cancellation. 
  • After Writing the letter, Fax the letter to the number “888-495-4207” to the Beyond Finance Fax Customer Service 
  • Wait for Customer Service to get back to you for further instructions.

Info Box

It is always important to ask for a confirmation email or written document to prove all the service provided by the company is cancelled and no more payments will be charged from now on.

As of 2023, Beyond Finance provides its services to the following types of debt.

Loan TypeService
Credit CardYes
Personal LoansYes
Private Student LoansYes
Medical BillsYes
Lines of CreditYes
Debt in CollectionYes
Federal Student LoanNo
Auto LoansNo
Service by Beyond Account

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Can I freeze my Beyond Finance Payment? 

Although the Company does not provide a specific pause or freezing service for the customers, they allow customers to miss some payments under unforeseen circumstances.

For such special requests, you need to get in touch with customer service and explain your situation. 

According to the Official Website, any customer with such type of request is advised to contact customer service 5 days prior to the monthly payment date so that they can make other arrangements for the customer.

So, if you think you have a valid reason, then you can contact customer support to freeze your payment for some time.

Beyond Finance Customer Support

Review by Edgeoftheworld8481 2 months ago

Withdrew from Beyond Finance and said it was the biggest mistake and does not recommend.
They convinced him they will help settle his debts within six months, instead saw credit score tanking and now unable to qualify for any secured credit cards.
Out of four accounts enrolled, one of it was quickly settled but reamining has been stalled.
He assumes website is not user-friendly and does not share settlement related information freely.
All settled debt is considered as income hence will owe taxes, with additional 25% fee on charges. – Read Full Review


What happens to the money in my Account when I cancel it? 

When you cancel your Account, you can take the money out of the dedicated account and transfer it to your personal account. 

Does Beyond Finance work with Secured debt? 

No, the Company does not work with Secured Debt only with unsecured debt, meaning debt without collateral attached.

Do I owe taxes on the negotiated debt? 

Yes, you could potentially owe taxes on the negotiated loan, but this can vary in your state. 

How long can it take to Cancel my account?

Your Account Cancellation should not take long unless you have missed some previous payment and have requested for payment pause, in which case you need to repay the company first.

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