3 Easy Ways to Cancel QuickBooks Subscription

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed by Intuit. It specializes in helping medium and small size scaled business to keep track of their expenditure, income, bills, track taxes, and pay rolls. The data is stored in the cloud, meaning that unlike traditional accounting software’s you can access your data and records using any device. 

Currently Quick Books offers three different packages which are Simple Start, Essentials and plus. Their subscription cost starts from $18 to $38 per month. However, they regularly offer special deals where you can get packages for low as $1 per month. 

Although the platform provides a great way to keep track of your Business Transactions and report, the platform may not be the right one for everyone. Maybe you are scaling up your business and need a more extensive accounting system or maybe you don’t need the service anymore. 

Whatever your reason maybe we are here to help you get rid of your QuickBooks Subscription. Keep on reading this article. 

Ways to Cancel QuickBooks Subscription 

  • Via Online Intuit Account Manager 
  • Via Google Play Store 
  • Via Ios App Store 

Note: If you previously subscribed to the service through a third-party provider such as the Google Play store or the Apple iOS Store, then you will need to cancel your subscription through them. 

How to Cancel QuickBooks subscription via Online Intuit Account Manager? 

  • Go to the official Intuit website and sign into your Account 
  • Once signed in, select the “Product and billing” option. 
  • Under the product and billing section select your Company Name. 
  • From the list of Active subscriptions under your Company, click on the “cancel subscription” next to QuickBooks. 
  • Click on the “Continue to Cancel” option to confirm 
  • Afterwards you will see a popup confirming your subscription cancellation. 

How to Cancel QuickBooks subscription via Google Play store?  

  • Open the Play Store app on your Android device. 
  • Select your Profile icon. Make sure that you are logged into the same account from which you have bought your subscription. 
  • Select Payments & subscriptions, then select Subscriptions. This will show you all your Active subscriptions. 
  • Select the QuickBooks Online app from the list. 
  • On the Manage subscriptions window, select Cancel subscription

How to Cancel QuickBooks subscription via iOS App store? 

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. 
  • Select your Name to access your Apple ID. Make sure that you are accessing the same ID from which you have bought your subscription.  
  • Tap on the Subscriptions option which will show you all your Active subscriptions. 
  • Select QuickBooks Online from the subscriptions list. 
  • Under the subscription details tap Cancel and confirm your cancellation. 

Information Required for Cancellation 

  • Intuit Account for online cancellation 
  • Google Account for play store cancellation 
  • Apple ID for App store cancellation 

Important Details to Know. 

Customer Support Phone800-446-8848. 
Customer Support email[email protected] 
Customer Contact formOfficial website /contact us 

Will I be charged a cancellation fee on QuickBooks? 

For any QuickBooks subscription package cancellation, no cancellation fee is required. Customers are also able to cancel their subscription any time they want without any restrictions. 

Can I get a refund on QuickBooks? 

Customers who are dissatisfied with the service can cancel and get a full refund on their purchase if they cancel within 60 days (about 2 months) of signing up. Customers who cancel after this will not receive a refund but will be able to access the services until the end of the billing period. 

How can I permanently delete my account? 

Cancelling your subscription will not automatically delete your Account. To delete your QuickBooks account and all the existing data on it follow these steps 

  •  To get started, go to Inuit official website and login into your account. 
  • Navigate to the Data privacy section.  
  • Under Data privacy, click on the Delete option. 
  • Select, “I no longer want my data to be in QuickBooks” option 
  • Follow the steps on the screen further to confirm your deletion. 

Conclusion: QuickBooks is a good accounting system for small and medium-sized businesses. Customers who wish to no longer continue their QuickBooks subscription can cancel their subscription by following any of the methods mentioned in this article. 

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