How to Cancel a West Elm Order? [ Easy Guide 2024]

West Elm is an ecofriendly furniture and décor retailer owned by William’s-Sonoma Incorporation. The company was started in 2002 and has been rapidly growing due to their product quality and ethical business practices. Their products as claimed by their company are approachable, affordable and sustainably produced. 

What makes West Elm different from other retailers is that instead of mass-producing products at a large factory they make their products in-house and collaborate with local and independent designers to provide a more authentic feel. Customers can get the home décor they desire by simply ordering from their website. 

However, in some cases Customers may order the wrong home décor or maybe after a while they may have found a better option or realize that they may not need it anymore.  

If you are one of them, then this article can help you with how you can cancel your West Elm Order. And worry not, we have got you covered on how you can also return your order. 

Ways to Cancel West Elm Order: 

  • Via the phone 
  • Via Email 

How to Cancel West Elm order via Phone? 

West Elm Customer Support Phone

10am to 8pm Monday to Sunday 
  • To get started, contact the West Elm customer support team on 1-800-891-8888. 
  • Once connected, tell customer support that you would like to cancel your current order. 
  • You will need to provide your account details and most importantly your 12-digit order tracking number. 
  • The customer support team will check if you meet the criteria to cancel your order. If you are eligible then they will guide, you through the rest of the process. 

How to Cancel West Elm order via email? 

  • Compose an email containing your name, shipping address, order details and most importantly your 12-digit order tracking number.  
  • Include the subject as “Request for Subscription Cancellation” and a reason for your cancellation request. 
  • Send the email to [email protected] wait for further instructions and updates from them. 

Information – Required for Cancellation 

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Contact Number 
  • Email Address 
  • 12-digit Order Tracking Number 
  • Reason for Cancellation 
  • Order details 
  • Shipping Address 

Important Details to Know   

Customer Support Phone1.888.922.4119
Customer Support (International)800 15004444
Customer Support Email[email protected]

When can I cancel my West Elm Order? 

Customers can only cancel their West Elm Order if their invoice has not been processed and issued. This means that if your invoice has already been processed then the only way for you to get your money back is by receiving the order and returning it. 

How to return a West Elm Order? 

West Elm Customers have a 48-hour window period to initiate a return request for their order upon receiving it. The product must be unused, in its original condition along with the invoices, sole receipt, user manual, warranty card and original accessories. So be sure that you keep the item in its original condition and then contact West Elm customer service after which they will guide you through the further process. 

Why is my refund not Showing up? Can I get a cash Refund?  

If you have successfully returned your item and are eligible for your refund, then it can take you anywhere from 7-10 days (about 1 and a half weeks) to receive your refund. For the refund customers can choose any form of payment except cash payment. 

Am I responsible for the shipping charges? 

Yes, customers themselves are responsible for any shipping charges and any other charges that they may acquire during the process of returning their order. 

Conclusion: West Elm is a well-rated home décor retailer that can meet your needs. If you want to cancel your order, then you can easily cancel it by getting in touch with their customer support. If you can’t cancel your order, then you can return it upon receival and get a refund. 

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