How To Cancel Spotprime Subscription?

Spotprime is an entertainment subscription site that provides access to unlimited movies, games and more, however people have complained about the site charging them extra money without their permission. If you have faced something similar we recommend you  cancel spotprime subscription.

The site has many negative reviews on scampulse and people have complained about the site being a potential scam. It turns out that the site tricks the users into subscribing for various subscriptions and then starts charging money without providing any prior information.

Also, the subscription price of the site is very high compared to its competitors. Thus, If you have somehow subscribed to this site and are now worried about their legitimacy, Don’t worry we got you covered. Read till the end as we go through a detailed step by step guide to cancel Spotprime subscription 

How to Cancel Spotprime Subscription on the Website?

One of the fastest methods to cancel Spotprime subscription is to do so via its website. Here are some quick and easy steps to help you with the process.

  1. Go to the official website of Spotprime.
  1. Login to your account with your username and password 
  1. On the dashboard, you will see a Profile Menu section. Tap on it.
  1. Find My Account then go to Setting and Billing. 
  1. Find Service Cancellation then select it.
  1. Follow the instructions as it says, you are done.

This method is the most convenient method as you do not need any hassle while canceling. You just have to go to your profile and follow the steps and it must be canceled within a few minutes. If this method does not work then you can follow the other methods too.

How to Cancel Spotprime Subscription On A Phone Call?

However if you don’t like using websites then you can also cancel Spotprime over a quick phone call by following these steps:

1. Call to customer service number of Spotprime, 1-844-980-3193 

2. A customer service representative will talk to you. 

3. Tell them to cancel your subscription with any relevant reason. 

4. They will ask you for details of your account. They will proceed to cancel your account.

How to Cancel Spotprime Subscription On Live Chat?

Similarly you can also cancel Spotprime on livechat by following these steps:

1. Go to the Contact Page from their website. Find the Chat option and click on it. 

2. Choose the language that you are comfortable chatting with.

3. Tell them why you are willing to cancel the subscription.

4. Provide the details that they will ask you.

5. They will proceed to cancel your account.

Cancellation Policy of Spotprime

Spotprime does not provide a one-time payment option. When you first join their premium subscription, it will provide you with a 5-day free plan. Then after that, it will keep deducting the amount for your subscription every month by month. 

As there is no one-time subscription model, you have to manually cancel the subscription to stop the deduction of the amount from your card. The subscription will continue until and unless you request for a cancellation by following any of the methods discussed above.

Access to Account After Cancellation

When you cancel the Spotprime subscription, you will be able to access all the services until the current billing cycle ends. You will lose your access to their premium services once the month ends.

Also, you can again join the subscription anytime if you want to.

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Why can’t I Cancel Spotprime?

There can be various reasons for you not being able to cancel your subscription. Like internet issues, customer service representatives might not respond properly, or website server issues.

It’s better to wait for some time and again try to cancel your subscription. If one method does not work, you can try another option to cancel your subscription.

Why Should I Cancel Spotprime?

One of the most favorable reasons to cancel your subscription is the platform’s fee. Spotprome charges a higher fee to its users than its competitors. 

Many cases of Spotprime are reported when users were unknowingly redirected to Spotprime’s billing page while they were actually subscribing to the other platform. These types of fraud cases might be the reason for your cancellation.

The other reasons for cancellation can be cases of boredom or you do not need their services anymore for any reason.

Refund Policy Of Spotprime

Spotprime does not provide any refund on your cancellation. You can only cancel your subscription, but won’t receive any refund on it.

However, if you have subscribed to this platform unknowingly by becoming a victim of some phishing sites. You can report the case of fraud to your bank and there is a high chance that you’ll get a refund. This method has actually worked for people when they subscribed to Spotprime without their knowledge.


How Can I Cancel Spotprime Free Trial?

If you want to cancel the free trial of Spotprime, you have to follow the above-mentioned method to cancel your free trial. Otherwise, it will start deducting the amount from your bank account for the premium plan.

Can I Again Subscribe to Spotprime After Canceling it?

You can again subscribe to the Spotprime anytime after you cancel it. You won’t face any issues while re-subscribing it.

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