Cancel Urban Air Adventure Subscription [ Complete guide] 

Urban Air Adventure Park is an indoor large-scale trampoline park that has open jumping, fitness class, dodgeball, and party reservation services. They are one of the largest indoor trampoline parks with other 350 different locations across the country. 

The company provides Day passes, membership passes as well and party packages. Their Day passes start from $16 to $36 depending upon the type of subscription pass. They also offer unlimited monthly membership which starts from $10.99 to – $17.99. 

Although the monthly membership might be a heck of a deal where pass holders can enjoy the trampoline park any time, too much of the trampoline might just bore you. If you are looking to cancel your Monthly membership, then continue reading this article. 

Ways to Cancel Urban Air Adventure: 

  • Via the Official Website 
  • Via your Card provider 

The only way to cancel your Urban Air Adventure subscription is through the official website according to the policy. To cancel one’s subscription one must have passed the 12-month period. If not then one cannot cancel their subscription under normal conditions. 

Customer who have passed the 12-month period, then you can request to cancel your membership anytime. 

How to Cancel Urban Air Adventure Online? 

To cancel Urban Air Adventure online via their website follow the steps listed below.

  • Visit the official Urban Air Adventure website and log into your Account. 
  • Navigate to your Membership details section through your Account. 
  • Click on the end subscription option from your Membership Details. 
  • A form box will pop up where you will need to select your reason for your cancellation. 
  • Submit the form and confirm your cancellation. Check your email for a confirmation mail from the company.  

How to Cancel Urban Air Adventure via your Card provider?

This is the only other way if you want to cancel your Air Adventure Subscription. Although technically it is not fully canceling your subscription, this does stop them from taking money out of your Account. 

  • Contact your Card provider customer service. You can find their number in your credit card, debit card or the bank’s website. 
  • Tell the customer representative that you want to block Urban Air Adventure from charging you. 
  • You will need to provide an account, personal details and social security number for verification after which customer service will guide you through the process. 
  • After this process, Urban Air Adventure will no longer be able to charge you. 

If you still get unexpectedly charged from the company, then it is suggested that close your current card and request for a new card with your card provider. 

Am I required to pay a cancellation fee on Urban Air Adventure? 

If you cancel your membership after the 12-month initial period, you are not required to pay any kind of cancellation fee. However, Cancellation requests take 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks) prior notice.

This means that if there is another billing date during the 10-day period you will be charged for that month too. 

Will I be refunded after my cancellation? 

The official Urban Air Adventure does not state any refund policy on its membership cancellation.

If you prepaid previously for a huge membership package, then it is suggested that you try contacting their customer support. 

How can I officially cancel my Urban Air Adventure within the 12 months? 

Urban Air Adventure membership agreement states that members are only officially allowed to cancel their subscription under special cases such as: 

  • Cancellation due to Death 
  • Cancellation due to Physical Disability 
  • Cancelation due to relocation of more than 25 miles of any Urban Park location 

 Members with such conditions can cancel their subscription by providing proof of evidence such as a certificate. Customers need to reach out to [email protected]  or mail their request to Urban Air, Attn: Membership Support, 2350 Airport Freeway, Suite 505, Bedford, Texas 76022. 

Ways to contact Urban Air Adventure Customer Support: 

Customer Support Email[email protected] 
Customer Contact FormOfficial Website/Contact
Customer support Phone(not verified)(800) 960-4778


What happens when I do not make payments on my subscription? 

Your account will be deactivated for which you will need to pay a $10 deactivation fee 

What happens when I miss too many payments? 

According to the website customers who miss their payments two months in a row have the risk of getting their account terminated. 

Learn more about Cancel Smartly.

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