Cancel your Retro Fitness Membership: [ 2 Easy updated methods] 

Retro Fitness is a chain of Gyms that offer affordable gym membership with weight training, strength training, group sessions, personal trainer session, cardio training and much more. The company has over 150 different locations across 17 different states and another 150 are said to be in development. 

Ultimate achCore AchFlex ach
ULTIMATE – NO COMMITMENT12 Month CommitmentNo Commitment
Nation-wide accessNation wide -accessesHome -club only access
Unlimited Guest privilegeNo Guest privilegeNo Guest privilege
Although the gym offers good affordable gym plans, the gym may not be for everyone. Maybe you don’t have the time to hit the gym anymore or maybe you are looking to switch to a different gym. Whatever your reason maybe we will guide you through an easy and seamless cancellation process. 

Ways to Cancel Retro Fitness Membership: 

  • Via Local Branch 
  • Via mail 

As listed on the company’s website policy, the above methods are the only way one can officially cancel their current membership. 

For members who have passed the one-year period on their commitment subscription, they can cancel their subscription by providing a 7-day prior notice.  Members who have not passed this period can still cancel their subscription the same way but will need to pay some amount as an early cancellation fee. 

How to Cancel Retro Fitness Via Local Branch? 

Even for cancellation via the local Branch, the company requires you to bring in a signed letter that contains your information. 

  • Compose a letter that contains your name, address, membership number and the reason for your cancellation. 
  • Print the letter and don’t forget to sign the letter. 
  • Visit your local Retro Fitness branch during the normal hours. 
  • Ask to speak with the club manager and give him your signed letter. 
  • The club manager will guide you through the further cancellation process. 

How to cancel Retro Fitness Via mail? 

  • Compose a letter that contains your name, address, membership number and the reason for your cancellation. 
  • Print the letter and don’t forget to sign the letter. 
  • Mail the letter through United States Postal Office Certified Mail to your local branch. The postal address for your local club can be found on the website or in your membership card. 

To ensure that your mail gets processed and that they sign your receipt the company requires you to send it exclusively through certified mail as stated on their website. 

Will I need to pay a cancellation fee on Retro Fitness membership? 

Members who have just bought their membership have a 3-day window period to cancel their subscription without having to pay any kind of cancellation fee. 

Members who have not passed the 12-month period for committed subscription types will need to pay for 3 months of membership or the remaining 12-month payment whichever one is cheaper. During this period customers will still be able to access the gym and its facilities.

 Will I be refunded after my Retro Fitness Cancellation? 

If you cancel within the first 3-day window period, then you will be refunded fully.

After the 3-month period fee as cancellation fee you will be refunded for the unused months of your remaining prepaid subscription. The official website does not state much more about its refund policy, so it is recommended that you get in touch with your local club manager. 

Can I freeze my Retro Fitness Gym membership? 

According to the website, customers do have the access to freeze their membership. To freeze your membership, you will need to get in contact with your local club stated on their website. 

Ways to Contact Retro Fitness Customer Support

Customer Support Call (Newyork)(518) 650-8254
Customer Support Call(Maryland)(410) 571-3192
Customer Support Call(Florida)(407) 956-6092


Can I upgrade/downgrade my membership? 

Yes, customers can upgrade/downgrade their membership by getting in contact with their local club. 

Can I transfer my membership to another branch? 

Yes, customers can transfer their membership by visiting, checking into another club a minimum of 7 times within a calendar month and at least 60% of these check-ins are at the new club. 

Learn more about Cancel Smartly.

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