How to Cancel OnThatAss Membership?

Subscribed for the free boxers and now do not know how to Cancel OnthatAss membership? Whatever your reason may be, you can find out how to get rid of your OnThatAss Membership in a few easy steps. 

Maybe you are unsatisfied with the quality or design of the shorts, or maybe you want to stop a new pair of shorts from appearing on your doorstep every month.

OnThatAss is a monthly based subscription that delivers you a pair of shorts every month for the price of €10.99 per month. It provides customers with the option to choose the design of the shorts they receive. 

How to Cancel OnThatAss membership?

How to cancel onthatass membership
How to cancel onthatass membership

To cancel your OnThatAss membership, you can follow the simple steps listed below:

  1. First, log in to your OnThatAss Account
  2. Select and choose ‘Memberships’ you want to cancel.
  3. Click on change ‘Membership Status.’
  4. Write your reason for cancelation.
  5. Click on the ‘I want to stop‘ button.
  6. Choose your cancelation month.

Can I stop my 14-day trial period to turn into an active membership?

Yes, you can stop your 14-days trial period to turn into an active membership.

The cancellation process for the free trial is just the same as canceling a normal subscription. However, be sure that you get your cancellation Confirmation email so that your cancellation request has been processed correctly to prevent any unwanted charges. 

It takes around 7 days to receive your free pairs of boxer after this you can request to stop the trial period within the 7 days remaining.

Your trial membership will end immediately and not have a monthly membership.

Cancel I cancel through Customer Support email?

No, according to their official website they suggest you to cancel your membership by logging into your account.

You Contact their support via: [email protected]

Is there a cancellation Fee

No, there is no cancelation fee if you terminate your membership with OnThatAss innerwears.

Important: Cancellation Policy

Although there is no Cancellation Fee, you must cancel your subscription before the 25th of a month if you don’t want to get billed for the next month.
If you try canceling after the 25th, then you will be charged for the next month before you can cancel your subscription. So Be sure to cancel before the 25th if you don’t want to get automatically charged for the next month.

How can I pause my OnThatAss?

You have the option to pause your membership for 1, 3, or even up to six months, 7 days after your initial registration. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account here,
  2. Select ‘Memberships’,
  3. Select the correct membership,
  4. Change the ‘membership status’,
  5. Click on ‘I need a break,
  6. Enter a stop and start date.

Check for the confirmation e-mail of your pause with all the details.

Is there a charge for Pausing?

No, there is no charge for pausing. It is free of charge.

Will delivery stop after pausing?

No delivery of OnThatAss will not stop even after pausing, one more payment and delivery will take place after pausing your membership.

OnThatAss Free Trial a Trap? 

OnThatAss has had some controversy in recent users Users on sites like reddit and Quora have come forward and claimed that OnThatAss has some shady billing practices. They have claimed that although they cancelled their free trial within 14 days, they were unexpectedly charged at the end of next month. Users have also reported they received hostile customer support when they tried complaining about the undeserved charge to their account.

Reddit user u/Beneficial-Winner

“I sure everyone here is familiar with them. They are threatening to send debt collectors to me door unless I pay for the supposed free trial I signed up for and cancelled on the 7th day. Will they actually follow up with this because there no way in he’ll I’m paying them told my bank to block them from taking out any payments”


When can I cancel my subscription?  

You can cancel your subscription anytime you like. 

Will I be refunded after my cancellation in the middle of a billing cycle? 

No, you will not receive any refund for the unused month according to the subscription policy.

I received charges that I did not make; what can I do? 

If you are charged even after your cancellation, then you can contact customer support to dispute your charge. 

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