How to Cancel Hollister Order? [Easy Process]

Hollister Co. is an online and physical retail store for men’s and women’s clothing owned by the parent company, Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Unlike Threadbeast Membership, it works as a retail store and deals mostly in apparel, accessories, fragrances, and similar goods.

They have been in operation since 2000. They have set the narrative to target young people in the age group of 14 to 25. And so far, they have successfully brightened their closets with their clothes.

Customers have expressed mixed reviews of the company. Some believe it is working fine and love its product, and others believe it is overpriced and unethical.

You can return or cancel Hollister Orders if unforeseen circumstances occur with the product.

How can I Cancel Hollister Order?

cancel hollister order through online form
process to cancel Hollister order through an online form

You can cancel your Hollister orders in two separate ways. The methods differ in reference to the platform of your purchase.

Cancel Hollister orders for Online Purchase

This is the easiest and most recommended way to Cancel your Hollister order:

  1. Visit the official Website and Log in to your Account
  2. Find the order that you want to cancel from the Order History
  3. Click on the cancel order button.

After this, make sure you confirm your cancellation order.

You may not be fully refunded if the order is shipped or if you are cancelling it after 24 hours.

Cancel Hollister Order for In-Store Purchase

You can easily cancel your order and get a refund for purchases made in physical retail stores.

  • Go to the store where you made your purchase.
  • Find a representative and request them to cancel the order.
  • Submit all the requested documents and wait for confirmation.
  • Confirm your refund in the original payment method.

You may not be refunded if you cancel your order after 1 Hour.


It takes 5 to 7 business days to process your refund.
There is no time window to return the product if it is damaged.
You can not cancel your orders if the purchase is made using Gift Cards.

How To Return Or Exchange Hollister Order?

How to return or exchange hollister order
Process to return or exchange hollister order

If you’ve received damaged clothes or have problems with the fitting and quality of the product, then you can return your Hollister order by:

  • Visit the Return or Exchange Page.
  • You will need your Order Number and Email Address (from the order).
  • Then, look up the order.

You need to know about returns

  • You must return the items within 60 days if you wish to receive them in your original payment method.
  • If 60 days have passed, then the only refund option you get is an e-gift card payment.
  • If the invoice was not included, then you must print the order confirmation email and include it in your return package.

Which address should I use to return Hollister’s Order?

You can return your Hollister order at the address below:

Hollister Co. Returns
100 Hollister Co. Way
New Albany, OH 43054

Can I return or exchange it in a US Hollister Co. Store?

Yes, only if you ordered through the US, you are eligible to return or exchange your items from a Hollister Co. Store.

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How can I add items to my Hollister Orders?

If you need more items, then you can add them to your Hollister Orders. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to add items by call:

  • Call Customer Service at Hollister at +1-866-426-1285 or +1-925-359-2568 and request them to add items to your initial order.
  • Please provide them with your order number and other details.
  • Tell them about the Goods that you want to add to your order.
  • Collect your updated Confirmation Number

Remember, you will not be charged shipping costs if your order is above $99.

Can we edit or add our order?

Yes, You can edit, add, and remove orders and items before 24 hours or before the item is shipped.

Cancellation Policy

The charge of cancellation varies according to the mode of your purchase made.

The general rule is you will only be charged after you cross the 24-hour limit in online purchases and 1-hour window in retail store purchases. Further, you will not be able to cancel your order if you have redeemed your gift card.

You will be only refunded if cancelled before the time period or before the goods are shipped. It will take 5 to 7 business days to process a refund.

In what condition you will not receive a Refund?

  1. If the good is shipped.
  2. If a gift card is redeemed
  3. If you damage the product
  4. Orders bought on final Sale

You may receive a refund if the shipped good is in resalable condition.

Common reason for Cancellation

  1. High Shipping Cost
  2. Change of Mind
  3. The issue with Customer Service
  4. Disclosure of some hidden tax

Refund Eligibility

Yes, you will get a refund if the online order is cancelled before 24 hours or the retail order is cancelled before 1 hour.

However, they may not provide you with refunds after that because of their company policy.

You are required to Cancel Boots Order but will not receive any refunds from the company, but HollisterCo does provide refunds on few items.

How to Contact Customer Support?

You can always visit the website “” or call the company’s customer service department at +1-866-426-1285 or +1-925-359-2568.

Official website
Phone Number+1-925-359-2568
Email[email protected].
Contact Details of Holliester

Can we chat with Hollister?

Yes, You can use the chat option available on the official website.

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