How To Cancel ClickFreeScore Membership 2023? [3 Effective Methods]

Credit scores is important to determine your financial stability and ability to secure loans, mortgages, and favorable interest rates.

Clickfreescore helps to monitor credit profiles along with proper reports. They also provide instant notifications on any changes to the credit profile.

But, since the government provides free credit score reports on sites like AnnualCreditReport, One can consider managing their credit score and reports by themselves without any other 3rd party websites.

Cancelling credit score tracker like ScrShin and Clickfreescore makes sense, and if you don’t wish to continue, you can easily cancel Clickfreescore membership.

However, many users have had several issues while trying to cancel their credit score membership. Some people have even claimed the whole site to be a scam. Thus, We have prepared this guide to help you cancel your ClickFreeScore Membership without breaking a sweat.

3 Best Methods To Cancel Clickfreescore Membership 2023

To cancel ClickFreescore Membership, you can either reach out to their customer support at the toll-free number (855) 504-5101, or you can also cancel ClickFreescore membership through a live chat with an agent from the website.

You can easily cancel by following any of these 3 methods :

  1. Cancellation via Phonecall
  1. Cancellation via Live chat
  1. Cancellation via Bank

How To Cancel ClickFreescore Membership By A Simple Phone Call?

You can cancel your Clickfreescore subscription anytime by phone by  following these steps:

  1. Dial the toll-free ClickFreescore customer Support number (855) 504-5101
  2. Once you are connected to a representative. Express your desire to cancel your Clickfreescore membership
  3. Provide all important information about your membership, membership ID, confirmation email, email ID, etc.
  4. Follow the instructions and confirm your cancellation.

Once you follow all the steps, you will successfully cancel your Clickfreescore membership and will receive a confirmation email.

How To Cancel ClickFreescore Membership Via Live chat?

If you were not able to contact customer support at the provided number. You can reach out to a customer support agent through the live chat on the website by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Clickfreescore account from the website.
  1. Inside the website, click on live chat 
  1. Here you will be connected to an agent who will guide you throughout the cancelation process.

However, Many people have reported that they are unable to contact customer support through the sources mentioned on the website. People have complained about Clickfreescore not cancelling their membership and charging them without their will. 

If you’re in a similar situation, your only alternative is to cancel via bank.

How To Cancel Clickfreescore Membership From Your Bank

If you’re not able to cancel your Clickfreescore Membership through other methods, You can cancel it through your bank by following these steps:

  1. Contact your bank and tell them you want to stop all payments to Clickfreescore
  2. You can do this via email, phone, or a letter
  3. They will then cancel your payments to clickfreescore which will automatically cancel your membership.
  4. You can also choose to block your card used for subscribing to Clickfreescore (if possible)

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Problems Faced By Customers While Canceling ClickFreescore? Is Clickfreescore A Scam?

Since it is not that difficult to get information about your credit profile and score. People have always raised eyebrows towards the companies providing credit report services. Several such sites have been reported as scams.

review on Clickfreescore a scam or legit
review on Clickfreescore a scam or legit

Similarly, there are many complaints about Clickfreescore on the internet. Some Reddit users have complained about the site using unethical ways to force users to subscribe to their services. People have received fake apartment listings, Job proposals, etc., with a requirement for a credit report from Clickfreescore. 

And once they subscribe to the $1 credit report and a free 7-day trial, while signing up, Clickfreescore mentions nothing about charges and shortly starts billing $39.99 monthly. Some people have even complained of getting billed even after cancelling their subscriptions and without even subscribing to their services.

There are tons of negative reviews about the company on BBB, Scamadvisers, etc. All these reviews and complaints provide a hint that ClickFreescore may be a scam, So we recommend everyone to be very careful while subscribing to ClickFreescore.

Info Box

f you somehow end up subscribing to a Clickfreescore membership or free trial, You will never get a refund so we recommend you cancel your Clickfreescore subscription ASAP as the site seems to charge people without their will and is a potential scam. If they don’t respond block the payments or your card (if possible).


Is Clickfreescore legit or a scam?

As per the negative reviews on multiple sites about Clickfreescore. The company seems to have a very bad reputation and doesn’t seem legit. There are many reviews claiming the site to be a scam.

Clickfreescore Doesn’t Respond to my cancellation requests; what can I Do?

Many users have faced this issue while trying to cancel Clickfreescore. The company never responds to their requests once they sign in. In that case, your only alternative is to block payments to Clickfreescore through your bank or card.

Is Clickfreescore Free?

Clickfreescore is not free however, the site tricks its customers by signing up for a $1 free trial without providing any information about any charges, and after some time, they will start charging $39.90 monthly.

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  1. I called and canceled my subscription 2 days after signing up and I looked at my bank account today and they took $39.90 out of my account. I want my money back.. That is stealing.. I am on disability and don’t get that much money and everything going up. I can’t even by meat to eat after paying my bills. Now I won’t be able to get bread.

    • Hey beth sorry to hear that, but yes they are a scam company, We suggest you to file a dispute from your bank , with evidence that you already cancelled, They are a fraud company so won’t fight much with dispute.

      Hope this helps. also It wound make our day if you could share this article on your social media handles or anything if that worked.

      Hope you get your money back!!


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