How To Cancel ScrShin Membership in 2023? [3 Easy And Effective Methods]

If you’re concerned about your credit score, there are high chance that you might be subscribed to some credit card report companies like Scrshin.

However, since such reports are freely available from the government and other free resources. You can always choose to cancel Scrshin Membership. And if you are here for that, then read till the end as we’ve provided a step-by-step tutorial on how to cancel your Scrshin Membership in 2023

Scrshin is a popular service to access your 3 – Bureau Credit score and reports. The company helps you monitor your credit score and will notify you about any changes to your credit profile. Along with the reports, you also get access to a dedicated learning center to learn more about credit scores.

However, Many people have faced issues while canceling their Scrshin subscription. As per some reviews, customer support is not very helpful, which makes it very difficult to cancel their subscription.

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Is Scrshin Membership A Scam?

Since credit card reports are provided by the government for free. We don’t think there is any necessity for people to subscribe to any service to get such reports. Also, Scrshin has a lot of negative reputation.

There are a ton of negative reviews on online review sites like Pissedconsumer and People have accused Scrshin of being a scam. They have reported being charged without signing up for the site, Not getting a proper response on cancelation requests, and also about the company putting up unauthorized transactions.

People have complained about Scrshin still charging them despite their cancelation. Based on the reviews on the internet about the reputation of the site. Scrshin appears very fishy. It is only wise to cancel Scrshin Membership.

3 Best MethodsTo Cancel Scrshin Membership

To cancel Scrshin membership, you can either call their customer support department at (866) 458-2801 or through the email mentioned on the website. You can also do it through your Scrshin account and your bank.

How To Cancel Scrshin Membership Via Phonecall?

If you prefer canceling your scrshin membership over the phone. Follow these steps:

  1. Just dial Scrshin customer support number: (866) 458-2801
  1. You will then be connected to a customer support representative.
  1. Tell them about your desire to cancel Scrshin Membership along with all the details about your membership: Membership ID, First and last name, etc.
  1. The representative will then initiate the cancelation process, and you will receive an official cancellation email.

In case you are unable to reach out to the customer support department by phonecall, you can try to email them at the address provided in the Contact Us section of the website or follow these other methods:

How To Quickly Cancel Scrshin Membership Online?

In case you’re not able to cancel Scrshin membership through phone calls or email. You can cancel your membership through your Scrshin account online by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Scrshin Account
  1. Head over to the My Accounts section on the top right corner of the website
  1. Navigate to the Billing History category
  1. You will then find a cancelation option in the customer portal.
  1. Follow the prompts on the customer portal to successfully cancel your Scrshin membership.

Following these steps should cancel your Scrshin membership successfully. However, some people have had issues while following these steps, and in that case, your only option is through your bank.

How To Cancel Scrshin Membership Via Bank?

If none of the methods work and you are still unable to contact the Scrshin team, then you should cancel the membership via your bank. You will need to put on a card dispute and inform your bank about the problems faced during cancelation.

You can also cancel/block your credit card (if possible ) used to subscribe to Scrshin. Many people who had issues canceling Scrshin membership had mostly cancelled their subscriptions through the bank method. So, If you’re facing issues while trying to contact Scrshin, we recommend you reach out to your bank ASAP.

Have Doubts About Scrshin Membership? Try This

If you’re having second thoughts about Scrshin, you can sign up for the 7-day trial for just $1. You can try their services and make an informed decision about Scrshin. However, a lot of people have complained about the site still charging them after cancelation. So, be very careful while signing up for the trial, and make sure to confirm your cancellation to avoid extra charges.


Is Scrshin Company Legit or A scam?

Considering the numerous negative reviews about the site on various review platforms, Scrshin seems to have a negative reputation and might be a scam.

Does Scrshin Offer A Free Trial?

Scrshin doesn’t offer a free trial however, you can sign up for a 7-day trial for just 1 dollar.

Is Scrshin Refundable?

No, once you subscribe to Scrshin membership, you cannot refund any payments.

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