Cancel Busch Gardens Membership: Process to Delete or Modify

Are you planning to cancel your Busch Gardens Membership because you only get access to two locations without a platinum pass, making your membership impractical in other states? Or maybe you have visited it too many times and want to try new places for a change of pace?

Whatever the reason, we are here with a simple, detailed guide to help you with the cancellation process.

Busch Gardens amusement parks are located in the US and are owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks. If you are a frequent visitor to Busch Gardens, getting an annual membership is much more cost-effective than buying a ticket every time you visit.

They also have a lot of perks like free parking, park preschool passes, discounts on meals and shopping, etc. If you are a platinum member, you can also access 11 different parks.

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Ways to Cancel Busch Gardens Membership

There are two ways you can Cancel Busch Gardens:

  1. Visit the cashier window of Busch Gardens (Zone A) and ask them to terminate your membership
  2. Call the customer support number of Busch Gardens to request them to cancel your subscription.

Important Note:

As per Busch Gardens’ policy, the membership should be canceled or changed at least 24 hours before your reservation. 
You will be charged the applicable ticket fee if you pass this time. Regarding higher ticket prices, the additional costs will also be higher at the time of cancelation.

Process to Cancel Busch Gardens Membership In-Person

For In-person cancellation, you have to go to the cashier window of the park, which is in Zone A. Make sure you go there during their operating day.

Then, you can ask the cashier to terminate your membership to the park.

Make sure you bring your Membership Pass with you at the time of cancelation because it will be required to terminate the membership.

Cancel Your Busch Gardens Membership via Phone

You can also contact Busch Gardens’ customer service to help you with the cancellation of your membership.

For this, you need to dial their Customer Support Number: 813-884-4386. Then you can talk to their representative to ask them to cancel your membership.

Provide them with all the necessary details related to your membership so they can process your request, and then your membership will be canceled.

How to Delete Busch Gardens Account?

  1.  Go to the email account with which you registered your Busch Gardens account.
  2. Write an email with the subject requesting to delete your account.
  3. Then, mention all the necessary details about your Busch Gardens Account and state that you want to permanently delete your account.
  4. Finally, send it to the Busch Gardens customer service’s email address, [email protected].
  5. Wait for the confirmation email on the successful termination of your account.

Important Tip:

If you are unsure whether you want to get a membership again, don’t cancel your Bush Gardens Account completely. If you have your Account, you can get a new membership anytime.

But if you have fully decided that you will never need membership of Busch Gardens in the future, then it is better to completely cancel your Account.

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How Do I Modify My Busch Gardens Membership?

  1. Go to the EZpay Management System of Busch Gardens and log in to your account or create a new account if you don’t have it.
  2. Next, head to the “EZpay” tab on your account.
  3. You are going to see a list of all your EZpay memberships listed on the left side of the screen with a link to update your card. 
  4. Click on the link and update the card information as per your needs.

How can I Contact Busch Gardens Customer Support?

You can contact Busch Gardens customer support either by email or their customer support phone number listed below.

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