How to Cancel Direct Debits Santander in 2023?

Santander is a popular bank in the UK that offers Direct Debits services and allows its customers to cancel Direct Debits anytime. So, In case you want to cancel Direct Debits Santander service in 2023.

Here is our sweet and simple guide to help you with the process. Just follow these easy steps, and you will have no issues canceling the service.

Santander is one of the most promising personal finance service companies operating all over the world, established in 1857.  One of its popular ventures is the Santander Bank  UK which was established in 2010. Among many of the services, Santander direct debits are very popular among customers.

Methods To Cancel Direct Debits Santander Effortlessly in 2023?

Direct Debits can be very useful to handle your monthly payments and subscriptions. They ensure that you never miss out on your important bills and payments.

However, If you’re looking to cancel Santander Direct Debits in 2023, you can follow any of these methods: 

  1. Cancelation through Mobile Banking Apps
  2. Cancelation through Online Banking

Cancel Direct Debits Santander through Mobile Banking

As per the official Santander UK website, You can easily cancel direct debits through the Santander Mobile Banking App by following these steps:

  1. Open the Santander Mobile Banking app on your device and log on to your account 
  2. Select current account.
  3. Tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner and choose direct debits.
  4. You will now see all the direct debits associated with your account
  5. Select the direct debits you want to cancel.
  6. Tap “Cancel Direct Debits “ and confirm your cancelation.

This should cancel direct debit from your account, To confirm cancellation. Restart the mobile app and head to the Direct debits section.

If cancelation was successful, you won’t see the cancelled direct debit on that list. 

Cancel Direct Debits Santander through Online Banking

If you don’t have the Santander UK mobile application, Don’t worry. You can also cancel your direct debits through Santander Online Banking Service by following these simple steps:

  1. Log onto your Online Banking account.
  2. Navigate to the Direct Debits tab at the top of the page.
  3. Tap on the Actions Column.
  4. Choose the Take Me option from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click cancel and confirm your cancellation.

Note: The credentials are the same for mobile and online banking for the same account. Also, Direct Debits does not contain payments set up by the credit card.

Video guide to cancel Direct Debit

Cancel Santander Direct Debit | Credit: Santander UK

Charged For the Wrong Amount: How to get Santander Debit Refund?

In case of an incorrect amount or payments taken on the wrong date, Santander allows its customers to get a refund.

To get a refund follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your Online/Mobile Banking
  2. Select the chat with us option on the right-hand side.
  3. Inside the chatbox, type ‘Direct Debit indemnity’ 
  4. A member of the customer service team will then help you with the further process.

However, there are situations where you cannot claim a refund. Please make sure to read these conditions before applying for a refund.

Terms to get a Refund

You will only get a refund if it was charged for the following reasons:

  • Direct Debit Indemnity: Payment made in Error.
  • Payment made on incorrect date or amount.
  • Illegal Deduction


Can I transfer Direct Debits to a Credit Card in Santander UK bank?

Yes, you can transfer your Santander direct debits to credit cards, all you need is click the credit cards tab on your online/ mobile banking and choose setup/ amend direct debit with the necessary details.

How To Confirm Whether A Transaction Was Direct Debit?

To find out if the payment was a direct debit you can check the transaction in your bank statement. Direct debits usually have a transaction description of “DIRECT DEBIT PAYMENT” 

Can I Reinstate A  Cancelled Or Expired Direct Debit Santander?

Yes, you can reinstate a cancelled or Expired Direct Debit In Santander by contacting the company to set the payments.

Can I Amend Amounts on A Direct Debit Santander?

Yes, You can amend amounts on a Direct Debit but it can only be done if the direct debit is done for the Bank itself. For example: Paying for your Santander credit card.

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