How To Cancel National Express Ticket Easily in 2023 ?

Road trips on a coach/bus are one of the best modes of recreation. So, to create memories that will last a lifetime.

You and your gang plan an ultimate road trip. Excitement is in the air, and you’re all ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime. However, Sometimes things may not go as planned, and you might have to cancel your trip.

In such case, If you have booked your tickets with National Express, which is a popular transportation company providing coach/bus services in the UK. Your day may get slightly better as you can cancel your National Express Ticket along with refunds easily.

Here’s our sweet and simple guide on How To Cancel National Express Tickets Effortlessly in 2023.

Sureshot Ways To Cancel National Express Ticket Effortlessly 2023:

As per the official website of National Express, You can either cancel your National Express tickets through these methods:

  • Cancellation Through Webform
  • Cancellation Through My Account
  • Cancellation Through Phonecall

 Here are the necessary steps you must follow:

Cancelation Through Webform

This is the easiest method to cancel your ticket. You need to fill out the web form from this link. This link will redirect you to a web form on National Express Website and follow these steps:

  • Add your details.
  • Select “Cancel or Refund” in the Type of Query section.
  • Add your ticket number and voucher code
  • Provide journey details if applicable.

As soon as you fill out and submit this form, a member of the customer service team will initiate the process and will keep you updated with the status.

Cancellation through Online [My Account]

You can also cancel National Express tickets from the My Account section of the website.

  • Log in to My Account or register My Account using the same email used for booking tickets.
  • You can then see your ticket information.
  • You will also see a ‘Cancel and Refund ticket’ button if eligible.
  • Click this button and proceed to the cancel and refund section.
  • You will then need to confirm your cancellation to My Account.
  • Click “Yes, Cancel my ticket,” and you will then receive confirmation of your cancellation.

Note: Not all tickets are refundable/ Amendable

All types of National  Express tickets are cancelable; however, not all tickets are refundable. Here are the types of tickets available on National Express, along with their details

Cancelation via Phonecall

In case you want to cancel your ticket through a phone call. You can contact the National Express customer service department at 0371 781 8181.

Availability of phone support is 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm.

Talk to a representative and provide all the requested details about your trip. The team member will then process your request, and you will receive a cancellation via email.

Be sure to cancel Disneyland reservation along with your National Express ticket as soon as possible to avoid any fees.

Looking To Make Changes To Your National Express Booking? 

In case you have to postpone your trip, you don’t need to cancel it. You can make changes to your bookings for free or by paying an additional amount of £5 depending on the type of ticket purchased.

To change your bookings in National Express, Login/Register in the  My Account section. Once you are logged in, You can easily amend your ticket.

Note: The amendment fee is £6 if you make changes via phone call.


Are All National Express Tickets Refundable?

No, Only Fully Flexible Tickets are refundable.

Is There A Cancellation Fee For National Express Tickets?

Fully Flexible tickets offer free refunds, but you will have to pay an additional amount of £5 if you have standard fare tickets.

When Can I Cancel/Refund  My National Express Tickets?

Passengers can request cancellation/refund on their National Express Tickets to 24 hours before the departure date.

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