How to Cancel Defy Membership?

Defy is a trampoline park where you can bond with your family and friends. It provides activities for everyone either for sports or entertainment.

They offer a variety of activities, including trampoline jumping, dodgeball, slam dunk zones, foam pits, and Warrior Courses.

Visitors reviews Defy to be the best place to have fun and spend time with the family, Activities available for all ages, with different attraction keeping your entertained all day.

You do not need any particular reason to say no if you do not want to continue your defy membership, you can always cancel it before the end of billing period to save money.

You can visit the website and follow the instructions or call the company’s customer service department at (888) 491-5001.

How to Cancel Defy Membership?

You can cancel defy membership by visiting thir official website and fill up an online cancellation form and submit it.

Defy Membership Cancellation through Website

This is the easiest and only recommended way to cancel membership, first:

  • Go to the DEFY’s Membership Cancellation Page.
  • Select your Park from the drop down.
  • Enter details such as Full Name, Email and Phone Number.
  • Enter your membership Name and number.
  • Click on the “cancel membership” button.

You can check these detail on your defy membership card, it is adviced it check and enter correct details for faster response.

After submission of the online form you will receive a cancellation confirmation email from the team once the process is completed.

Defy Membership Cancel by Call

If you are wonndering “how do i cancel my defy membership by phone call” then the answer is no, there is not information if they accept cancellation by support call.

  • Dail DEFY’s customer service line at (888) 491-5001
  • request customer service you need help with defy membership cancellation.
  • Provide your details as in your membership card.
  • Provide your Membership number and if necessary reason for your cancellation.
  • If everything goes right then the customer service will process your cancellation and provide you with a confirmation.

Cancallation Policy

According to the DEFY you can cancel your membership at anytime or anywhere. You just need to submit your cancellation request atleast 3 days before for them to process your request.

If you billing date on the 30th then it is adviced to submit your request by 25 or 26th of the month to avoid paying for next month.

Do I need to pay Cancellation Fee on

No, Defy does not charge any cancellation fee. If you no more wish to be a member.

Can I access the service after cancellation?

Yes, you will still be able to access all the membership benifts from Defy even after cancellation. This access will be availabel untill your cancellation date.

Common reason for Cancellation

  1. You are moving away from the area.
  2. You are not using your membership plan as much as you thought you would.
  3. You are having a bad experience at the park.
  4. You are hoping for more value with your membership plan.

Refund Eligibility

Defy does not provide any refund under any circumstances. All sales are final and nonrefundable for all membership including basic or elite.

DEFY is an Extreme Air Sports brand headquartered in America. They are very effective and thrilling in their indoor sports section. And despite their revolutionary attempts, sometimes you realize that you do not need the membership that you have already purchased.

Here are some of the reasons why DEFY does not offer refunds or transfers:

  • They want to encourage members to commit to their fitness goals.
  • They want to make sure that there is always enough space for members to enjoy the park.
  • They want to avoid the administrative hassle of processing refunds and transfers.

How to Contact Defy Customer Support?

Address provided by the official page from their privacy page:

86 N. University Avenue
Suite 350
Provo, UT 84062
[email protected]
Official website
Phone Number(888) 491-5001
Email[email protected]
Contact detail of

DEFY Membership Details

DEFY Membership comes in three membership options. Take a look at this table.

Weekend Jump Time2 HoursUnlimited 
Weekend Jump Time2 Hours (before 1 pm)2 Hours
Cafe Discounts20% Off20% Off
Member-Only EventsYesYes
Party DiscountsNo20% Off
DEFY NightsNoYes
Kid JumpNoYes
Parent JumperNo$9.99 Parent Add-On
Defy membership | Credit:


Can I transfer my DEFY membership to someone else?

No, you cannot transfer your DEFY membership to someone else. Your membership is tied to your name and account.

What if I move to a new area?

If you move to a new area, you may be able to transfer your membership to a different location, but you will need to contact DEFY customer service to discuss your options.

Does Defy offfer trial membership?

Yes, DEFY offers a 7-day free trial, this will give you a chance to try out the park and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Is there any Minimum commitment on DEFY memberships?

Yes, there will be a minimum of 3 month commitment, which will be automatically renewed on a monthly basic untill cancellation.

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