How To Cancel NASUWT Membership Online In 2023?

NASUWT is a TUC, ICTU-affiliated trade union that mainly represents teachers in the UK.

During the recent strikes by teachers in the UK regarding the payroll, NASUWT couldn’t meet the turnover, and its members couldn’t join the protest, due to which many people had to cancel NASUWT Membership.

According to a Reddit thread, around 50,000 members left NASUWT for NEU which is another teachers union in the UK that had agreed to go to strike.

Membership is a great way to show support your support for the organization, but the leadership of the organizations and their decisions are not always the same. If someone isn’t very happy with their membership in a particular organization. They can consider canceling their membership. 

Hasslefree Methods To Cancel NASUWT Membership in 2023

To Cancel your NASUWT Membership in 2023, You can follow any of these simple steps to easily Cancel your NASUWT Membership in 2023: 

  1. Cancellation through Emails
  2. Cancellation through Banks

Cancel NASUWT Membership Online Via Email

You can easily cancel NASUWT Membership Online Via Email by following these steps:

  • Contact the membership team at: [email protected]
  • Write a cancellation notice to that email address expressing your desire to leave the organization and your membership number.
  • A membership team member will then reach out to you and will initiate the cancellation process.
  • After completing all the necessary steps, you will receive a confirmation of cancellation in your email. Officially terminating your membership.

Cancel NASUWT Membership Via Bank

You can also cancel NASUWT Membership via Bank. You can do this by canceling your direct debit to NASUWT.

After you successfully cancel your Direct Debit, you can then reach out to the NASUWT membership team with your membership number.

They will then proceed with your request and send you a confirmation email about the cancellation.

Important Notice

As per the official website, Due to financial hardships faced by teachers all around the UK. NASUWT has decided to freeze its membership subscription payments for 5 years. So, now you can still be a member of NASUWT without having to pay the monthly or yearly subscription fee.

What to do After cancelation?

It is important to check for confirmation from the company after you follow through all the process.

One way is to call the company and provide them with your membership details and ask if it is still active or not.

Also, do check if you them any cancellation fees, through your agreement papers.

What Should NASUWT members do in case they leave the Profession or Retire?

If you’re a NASUWT member who is leaving the teaching profession then you can terminate your membership by emailing a notice of resignation to the Membership Team, who will then proceed forward with your termination request.

If you’re a NASUWT member and have retired. You can consider the retired membership plan. This retirement allows retired members to still be a part of the Union. 

How To Contact NASUWT Customer Service?

You can contact the NASUWT customer support team through Email or Calls from Monday to Friday at the following number for any support.

CountryEmail AddressPhone No.
England Contact Member Advice (England)03330 145550
(9 am to 6 pm)
Northern Ireland[email protected] 028 9078 4480
(8.30 am to 5.30 pm)
Scotland[email protected] 0131 226 8480
(8.30 am to 5.30 pm)
Wales/Cymru[email protected] 029 2054 6080
(8.30 am to 5.30 pm)
NASUWT support team


Is there a cancellation fee for NASUWT?

There is no information about any cancellation fee on the official website. Also, the members who have left the union have never mentioned anything about the cancellation fee. 

Are NASUWT subscriptions refundable?

No, the NASUWT subscriptions are not refundable. This fact is clearly mentioned in the membership section of the official website.

I’m taking a break from Teaching but want to continue my NASUWT membership. Is it possible?

Yes, one can still be a member of NASUWT while taking a break from the teaching profession. There is a special membership plan for such cases known as Career Break Membership

What does NASUWT stand for?

NASUWT stands for National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers.

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