Don’t Sweat: Process to Cancel Disneyland Reservation

A vacation at Disneyland is the experience of a lifetime, creating memories with loved ones. However, things always don’t go as planned, and you might need to cancel your Disneyland Reservation or reschedule it.

Disneyland is one of the best theme parks for both kids and adults. Located in 6 cities around the world, it is the go-to destination for vacation.

With this massive attraction, reservations are closed very quickly. Thus, people have to make a reservation quite early.

Some people face difficulties due to this early reservation. They then have to postpone their trip. In that scenario, to cancel Disneyland reservation through the official website or Disneyland App. Just log into your account and cancel your reservation.

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Cancel MY Disneyland Reservation: 2 Easy Methods

To cancel Disneyland reservation, you can follow any of the official methods listed below.

  1. Cancellation through the official Disneyland website
  2. Cancellation through Disneyland app

 Read till the end as we uncover the step-by-step process for each method. Also, Don’t miss out on our extra tips section.

How Can I Cancel my Disneyland Reservation From the Official Website?

Just follow these steps, and you will successfully cancel your Disneyland reservation online in minutes.

  1. Visit the official Disneyland website.
  1. Select My Disneyland at the top right corner
  1. Choose Ticket And Reservation Details from the menu
  2. Enter the credentials of your Disneyland account
  1. Once you’re logged in, click on ‘My Park Reservations’ and navigate to My Reservations
  1. Select the reservation you want to cancel and click on cancel a reservation
  1. Follow the prompts and confirm your cancellation.

How Can I Cancel My Disneyland Reservation From the App?

 If websites are not your thing, then you can also cancel your Disneyland reservation From the Disneyland App. Just follow these steps, and the reservation will be cancelled in no time.

  1. Open the Disneyland App and log in to your Disneyland account
  1. Head over to the Future Plans section and tap on the ticket(s) whose reservations you want to cancel.
  1. Once you select the reservation, tap “Cancel’’
  1. Follow the prompts and confirm your cancellation.

You can then again book a reservation for those cancelled tickets as they still remain linked to your Disneyland account. Just head over to the Theme Park Reservations page, and you can choose the date for the new reservation.

Video Guide to Cancel Disneyland Reservation

Steps to cancel Disneyland reservation | Credit: Yt

How Can I Cancel my Disneyland Hotel Reservation?

If you’re looking to cancel Disneyland Hotel Reservation, follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Click on ‘’My Hotel Reservation’’ from the official Disneyland website
  1. Log in to your Disneyland account
  1. Select the hotel reservation you want to cancel
  1. Click on the cancel link and follow the prompts
  1. Confirm your cancellation, and you’re done.

How Can I Cancel a Dining Reservation or Any Other Activity Reservation?

You can cancel Dining or any other activity reservation through the Disneyland app. Just follow these steps, and the reservation will be cancelled easily:

  1. Open the Disneyland app on your device.
  1. Log in with the credentials of your Disneyland account
  1. Go to the “Future Plans’’ Section
  1. Tap into the dining or any other activity reservation you want to cancel
  1. Follow the prompts and confirm your cancellation.

You can also cancel your dining reservation from the ‘’My Plans’’ section of the official website.

I Didn’t Find My Vacation Package in My Disneyland Account, What Should I Do?

If you didn’t find your vacation package in your Disneyland Account. It means that the package has not been linked to your account. But you can still cancel your hotel reservation.

Just fill in your name and arrival date along with the confirmation number on that page and click on ‘’Cancel’’.

How To Get Refunds On Disneyland Reservations? : Learn Everything About Disneyland Cancellation Policy.

Disneyland reservations can be cancelled anytime before 11:59 PM Pacific time (the night before your arrival/reservation date).

And for the Disneyland Resort Hotel+ tickets vacation package, one can receive a full refund if they cancel the reservation before 30 days.

As for cancellations between 5 to 29 days, the reservation deposit will be charged as a penalty, and other deposits will be refunded.

The tickets are distributed 4 days before the arrival, and Disneyland Tickets cannot be cancelled once they are distributed (4 days prior to your arrival date).

However, No refunds are available on the standard Theme Park Admission tickets purchased alone. You can use them anytime within their expiry date (usually a year) and even after expiration if the tickets remain unused.

You can use the money spent on unused expired tickets to purchase new tickets by calling the ticketing cast members at (714) 781-4636. 

Cancellation Policy For Dining Reservations:

For dining reservations, Cancellation can be made before 2 hours of the reservation time. Most restaurants will charge a fee of $10 per person to cancel your dining reservation. You will be charged the same amount if you fail to show up for your reservation.

Disneyland Customer Service Details

Telephone(714) 781-4636 (tickets) (714) 520-5060(vacation package) others
contact information for Disneyland

Extra Tips And Best Practises

  • Money spent on Theme Park Tickets that are unused and expired can be utilized to purchase further tickets in the future. 
  • A park reservation must be made for each day in case of a multi-day ticket.
  • Use The Disney Genie feature in the Disneyland app to customize your day and itinerary as per your interests.

We hope this guide helped you with the cancellation process. Do share it with someone else who may find this helpful as well. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comment section.

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