How to Cancel Deliveroo Plus Subscription & Order Online?

Deliveroo is a British online food delivery company that aims to deliver products within 30 minutes. They operate a three-sided hyperlocal marketplace connecting local consumers, restaurants, and grocers.

They operate in 10 countries with thousands of restaurants, riders, and millions of happily satisfied customers. Thousands of people choose Deliveroo Plus subscriptions, and many cancel them for personal experiences. To cancel your subscription, you need to follow the steps mentioned.

How do I cancel my Deliveroo Plus subscription Online?

You can cancel Deliveroo Plus at any time with 3 methods.

  • Cancel via website or app
  • Cancel via email
  • Cancel via amazon

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to cancel your subscription.

Cancellation of Deliveroo via website or mobile application

Cancellation via their official website or app is the only recommended method to cancel their subscription online.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open their official website or their application.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Click on your name profile in the top right corner and go to account settings.
  4. Scroll down to find the Deliveroo Plus section
  5. Cancel your subscription and follow the prompts.

You can not undo your cancelation if you canceled it during the free trial period.

Cancel your Subscription via email.

You can try contacting and requesting support for cancellation by following the steps below.

  • Contact them via [email protected]
  • Request them to cancel your subscription
  • Fill in all the essential details of your account required for cancelation.
  • Wait for confirmation

Although this method is easiest, it might take them longer to respond.

Cancel your Subscription using Amazon:

You can only cancel using Amazon if you have subscribed through Amazon.

  • Go to your account settings.
  • Select cancel subscription
  • Follow all the prompts to cancel your subscription

Info Box

After your subscription cancelation, you can still order food from them. You will not be eligible for free delivery and offers.

How to Cancel Deliveroo Order Online?

To cancel your Deliveroo order, open your app and log into your account. Then click on your profile and choose Orders.

You will see your active order with estimated timing. Click on Cancel Order for cancellation.

How To Cancel Deliveroo Order | Credit: MrOctopus

How to delete your Deliveroo account?

Follow the instructions to delete or deactivate your account permanently.

  1. Go to their website or app and log in to your account
  2. Under account settings, go to account delete.
  3. Click on Delete my account.
  4. Fill in your passwords to confirm your account has been deleted.

Note: Deleting your account is permanent; you will lose all your data and credits and will not recover it.

Cancellation Policy

They have a clear and conscious policy for cancelation. First, you will not have to pay anything if you cancel it during your free trial.

After that, you will charge once a month in advance instead of charging for each delivery. You can cancel it anytime from anywhere.

You will not be refunded, and your account will never be automatically renewed if you cancel it after a cooling-off period.

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Refund Eligibility

They have a straightforward rule for refunds. It’s only allowed when you cancel your Deliveroo Plus subscription within the first 14 days, which is the cooling-off period. You will get a full refund. After that period, you are no longer eligible for any refund.

To claim your refund, you will need to contact Customer Service.

How to Contact Customer Service?

Here is how you can contact them. You can visit their official website at: “” or call them at 3902 3057 8333.

Official website
Phone Number3902 3057 8333
Email[email protected]
Contact details of Deliveroo


Do they have gift cards?

Yes, they have gift cards, which can be used to get extra discounts.

What are their sustainable practice?

They are very serious regarding food waste and aim to minimize it.

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