How To Quickly Cancel Sephora Orders? Easy Steps

Did you unknowingly order a wrong Sephora product Or have now changed your mind regarding your purchase? And are now searching for an easy process to cancel Sephora Orders.

Congratulations! You have arrived at the right place. Keep reading as we will be going through the step-by-step process to quickly cancel Sephora orders in 2023.

Sephora is a popular International beauty and personal care brand with a huge customer base. Although ordering and receiving Sephora products is very easy, the same cannot be said for Cancellations or order modifications.

Sephora has very strict cancellation policies due to which many customers face problems while trying to modify/ cancel their orders. But don’t worry! you won’t have to face any such issues. To help you with the cancellation process, We have created this simple yet effective guide. Read till the end and you’ll be able to cancel your Sephora Order in an instant.

2 Effective Methods To Cancel Sephora Orders 

As per the company’s policies, Customers can only cancel their orders within 1 hour of placing them. This doesn’t mean that the orders cannot be cancelled after 1 hour. You can still cancel your Sephora order after crossing the 1-hour mark through the returns policy.

To cancel Sephora Order customers have to request a cancellation within 1 hour of placing the order Or wait for the order to arrive and then cancel it through the returns policy. 

Here are the two methods you can use to cancel Sephora Orders in 2023:

  • Putting Cancellation Request within 1 hour Of Placing the order
  • Cancelling the Order After Receiving It Via the Returns Policy.

Now, Let’s go through the step-by-step process for each of these methods

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How To Cancel Sephora Orders Before It Is Shipped?

As per the company’s policy, Sephora orders can only be modified within 1 hour of placing the order. So, If you can meet the time frame, here are two methods you can follow to cancel Sephora Order before it is shipped:

Method 1: Online Cancellation Through My Account

Here are some steps you can follow to cancel Sefora Order Online:

  1. Log in to your Sephora Account through the Sephora App or Website
  1. Head over to My Account sections> Locate Orders
  1. Now, Select the order you want to cancel.
  1. Then, Just click on the blue cancel items button at the top of the page
  1. Select A Reason For your cancellation
  1. Confirm your cancellation 

Method 2: Cancellation Via Customer Service

Alternatively, you can also cancel Sephora orders within 1 hour of placing it by contacting customer service. Here are some steps to help you with the process:

  1. Contact The Customer Service Team via phone at (1-877-737-4672) or live chat 
  1. Once, you’re connected to a customer service representative, Ask them to cancel your order
  1.  Provide the order number and any other relevant information to locate the order and just follow their instructions

How To Cancel Sephora Orders After It Is Shipped?

In case ( like most people) you’re unable to request a cancellation within that small window (1 hour after placing an order). You can still cancel your Sephora Order after receiving it via returns.

Here are some steps to help you with the cancellation process:

  1. Visit the nearest Sephora location with your order along with the original receipt/confirmation email/order confirmation on mobile app or any other proof of purchase.
  1. Ask the customer service representative to process your returns


  1. Pack the order in original Sephora packaging (if applicable) or use a well-padded envelope or box
  1. Use a prepaid return label or packing slip
  1. Drop the packed items at one of the specified FedEx locations.

Note: The shipping cost won’t be included in the refund

Sephora’s Returns And Exchange Policy Explored:

  1. Customers can return/exchange gently used or unopened Sephora products within 60 days through any of the methods discussed above
  1. For returns within 30 days, customers will receive a full refund in the same payment method used originally
  1. For returns within 31-60 days, customers will receive a store credit equivalent to the cost of the returned item(s).
  1. It can take up to 30 days to process your returns and credit your account. 
  1. Sale items or items purchased via Gift cards cannot be returned

Note: Items cannot be returned or exchanged if they are returned after 60 days / are not in new/gently used condition /without proof of purchase. For more details go through Sephora’s returns policy.

How to delete/close Sephora account? [Video Guide]

To close your sephora account log in to your account then go to account settings, choose account information. You will see Close Account button next to Account Ownership.

Simply click on it and confirm, your might need to call customer support to delete.

delete Sephora account | Credit: sadeqe info

Sephora’s Customer Support Contact Details
Phone Number(1-877-737-4672)
FacebookSephora Facebook
InstagramSephora Instagram

We hope this article was helpful with the cancellation process. If you know someone else who may benefit from these methods, Share it with them. Also, If you have any queries or suggestions leave them in the comment section below and we’ll go through it ASAP.


Can I Cancel The Sephora Order After It Is Placed?

Yes, you can cancel your Sephora order within 1 hour of placing it or you can also cancel an order after receiving it through the return/refund policy

Can I Get A Refund On Sephora Orders?

Yes, to get full refunds on Sephora orders customers have to return the items within 60 days in new or gently used condition along with the original receipt 

How Can I Track Sephora Orders?

To track Sephora Orders log in to your Sephora account and click on the Track Order section at the top.

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