How to Cancel Media Craze Subscription? [Works 100%]

Do you want to cancel your Media Craze Subscription? Did you get charged for a subscription even though you never subscribed to it before? Then you are one of the hundreds of users who have faced this same issue with the media craze. 

Media Craze is supposedly an online platform where users can sign up and subscribe to get unlimited movies, shows, and other content.

However, it has only 1 star after 500 reviews on Trust Pilot and multiple articles on the internet claiming Media Craze is a scam website. 

Media Craze review on trustpilot
Media Craze review on Trustpilot

Multiple posts claim they were scammed into signing up and access content was not available they were promised for the website, and only later found out about them from their bank statement.

Cancel your Regal Unlimited Subscription because I promise you are not getting the worth you are paying for. Reason? you don’t even watch movies in the cinemas anymore.

Steps to Cancel Your Media Craze Subscription? 

Although Media Craze provides their customer contact phone number and support email, users on the trust pilot, have claimed forward saying that they wanted to cancel their subscription and tried contacting customer support, but they were completely ignored. 

Customer contact method

Media Craze provides the number ” +1 844-763-7136 ” and email ” [email protected] ” for its customers. But there are hundreds of reviews saying that they do not respond to any email or call.

This points to more evidence of the website being a total scam. You can try cancelling through the phone call and email if you want, but they will most likely not work. The only way you can cancel your subscription is by blocking them through your bank. 

Tony Davies/Trust Pilot

“This company specializes in pretending to be a legit business by getting you to sign up using a QR code & then taking £29.99 from your account every month. Despite them saying you can manage or cancel your account online, you cannot log in & the reset password does not work. However, I have just cancelled over the phone – number on website. AVOID if you see any mention of “Mediacraze”

How to Block Media Craze from a Credit Card?

Call your bank’s customer service number. You can find this on your credit card, debit card, or the bank’s website. 

  1. Tell the customer representative that you want to block the media craze from charging you. 
  2. The bank’s customer service will help you through the process. You may need to provide an account, personal details, and social security number for verification. 
  3. After this process, Media Craze will no longer be able to charge you. 

Will I get a refund for my cancellation?  

Since Media Craze is a scam company, the obvious answer is no. The company is not even officially registered. So, the last thing they would do is refund your money. 

However, you can try contacting your bank, explaining the situation, and asking them to reverse the transaction. Some users have commented that this process worked for them in getting their money back. But note that this refund process is not guaranteed.  

I don’t remember subscribing to the media craze. How did it happen?

Many users have commented that they don’t even remember signing up for the website and only found out after they were charged. This can happen when users try downloading movies, apps, or software from unauthorized websites.  

They can be tricked into registering for the service or also be tricked into downloading malicious files. Users have also commented that they were registered automatically when they scanned through public QR scanners

John Stephan/ Trust Pilot

“This company, Media Craze, is seemingly a streaming company!!!! has somehow hacked my bank card details and has started removing money from my bank account. Luckily, I use online banking a lot and obviously found this payment being removed. The bank has refunded me and is now working with the police to locate this Scam company. Be very aware, folks. They will milk you dry! CVDIBL. ME. came up on the payment detail.”

If you are one of the millions who pay for the subscription and now even log in to the account, then it is time to Cancel your Netflix Subscription.

Tips to stay safe from online subscription scams: 

  • Always use only genuine and trusted sites to download movies, apps, and software. 
  • Look for reviews and articles about any subscription service before subscribing. 
  • Update your system and install an anti-virus with a good review. 
  • Use the safe browsing feature when using the internet to stay safe from such scams.  
  • Avoid scanning any unknown QR scanners found in public places. 
  • Never share sensitive information online.
  • Use only trusted browsers and software on your device.

Using these tips, you can stay safe from potential future scams and prevent any financial loss.


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Can I delete my Media Craze Account?

According to reviews, there is no any way to delete your media craze account as of 2023.

How much does Media Craze Charge?

They charge £29.99 per month, but there are reports of them charging more fees.

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