How to Cancel Fraavy Subscription?

Did you get tricked into a subscription called Fraavy? Maybe you tried to sign up for something else but were signed up for this random subscription service you never heard of before. Or did you use a public Random QR scanner recently? 

Whatever your reason, maybe hundreds of other users like you have had this problem. Fraavy is supposedly an online platform where customers can access unlimited movies, including sports, music, and audiobooks

However, upon reviewing hundreds of comments and articles on the internet, we have concluded that this is a fraudulent scam website. Continue reading this article to learn how you can cancel your subscription with them. 


If you would like to try canceling through customer support, you can try contacting them by emailing [email protected] or calling 1 866 471 9677, but these will most likely not work. 

Cancel Fraavy Subscription Online through the Website

You can log in to Fraavy’d official website using your account to cancel your subscription online.

For this, log in to your Fraavy Account, then Click on the Profile Icon on the top right, and select “My Account” from the menu.

Click on “Cancel Subscription,” and if you are unable to do so, call their support team via phone at:  +1 866 471 9677 (English)

Fraavy Cancellation Via Contact Form

Visit Fraavy’s official “Contact Page,” enter your name as given in the account, write your officially registered email address, select “Unsubscribe” as the subject now, and request them to cancel your fraavy subscription by providing all the necessary information in the Message box.

Click on the “Send” button and wait for a reply from their team.

As this is not the official method, they might ask you to continue with it or ask for additional details from you.

Cancel Your Fraavy Subscription via Customer Support

You can contact Fraavy via

  • Email
  • Phone Number
    Live Chat with Support

Via Phone Call

Fravvy has the option to cancel your subscription via Email and Phone call as well. If you are having trouble canceling online, then you can try contacting their customer support.

Customer Support for phone calls is available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

You can dial within the available time and weekdays on +1 866 471 9677 to request cancellation.

Via Email

If you are unable to reach their contact support via Phone, then you can try contacting them via email.

Their official email address is [email protected].

Cancelling Fraavy Via Online Live Support

Although Fraavy provides customer support email, live chat, and even a support call, users have reported that they do not respond in any way. Some have stated that even after they had cancelled their subscription already, they were still charged $49.95 the next month. 

We tried contacting customer support but did not get any response even after waiting a long time.


I also got scammed by FRAAVY while online and scanned a QR code. I checked my credit card, and there were two charges to GTFIN.NET for $1.95 and $1.00. I called my credit card company, and they immediately closed my account and will be issuing me a new credit card. I tried contacting FRRAVY but no luck. I HATE SCAMMERS! EVERYTHING LOOKED SO AUTHENTIC… SO BEWARE OUT THERE…

How to Block Fraavy Subscription from Credit Card?

Although you may like it or not, the only way to fully cancel your subscription with them is by blocking them through your card provider. This will ensure that they will no longer be able to charge you in the future, as users have also claimed that this has happened to them. 

Steps to block fraavy from your Credit Card:

Blocking Fraavy from your Credit Card is one of the safest and working methods.

  • Call the customer service of your Credit Card provider. 
  • Tell customer support that you want to block Fraavy from your card. 
  • Customer service will help you through the process. You may need to provide an account, personal details, and social security number for verification. 
  • After this process, Fraavy will no longer be able to charge you. 


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Can I get a refund from Fraavy?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You cannot get a refund from Fraavy. On their website, they only provide a short instruction for “cancellation” and no information about refund policy. This points to more evidence of the website being a scam. 

However, what you can do is contact your credit card provider and ask them to reverse the transaction by explaining your situation. Some users have claimed that this has worked for them, but it is not guaranteed. 

Tips to stay safe from such subscription scams

  • Never use public QR codes. Only use the official QR codes from the company’s website or other trusted sources. 
  • Always use only genuine and trusted sites to download movies, apps, and software. 
  • Regularly check your Financial Statement. 
  • Enable two-factor security authentication. 
  • Always research the company and the website before giving confidential information such as your credit card info. 

I don’t even remember signing up for Fraavy.

Fraudulent Websites such as Fraavy mainly operate by tricking victims into their websites through a QR scanner. They use a modified QR scanner to redirect the victim to their website, and the victim does not realize this until they have been charged. 


The same problem happened to me. I thought I was downloading a train time/ticket buying app when suddenly I was registered for I called the number the next day and canceled. But they still charged me $1. They can still make tons of money this way.

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  1. I found 3 charges from when I contacted them they said the charges was for Fraavy. I had not signed up for anything or scanned any QR codes. I don’t know how they got my information. I had not even used my card in a couple of months. The person I chatted with at said I would receive a refund in 3 to 5 days. I will see if that happens. I also went a head and cancelled my card and disputed the charges with them.


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