How To Cancel Club Car Wash Membership 2023?

Every car deserves the best cleaning service. However, not every car wash checks all the boxes for the perfect wash, but Club Car Wash is different.

It offers the perfect cleaning solutions with its Memberships, which will make your car look brand new. And if you’re not satisfied, you can easily cancel Club Car Wash Membership.

Club Car Wash has over 100 locations all over the US and offers various membership packages, which include a 2-day clean car guarantee with elite and MVP memberships. You can also sign up for the Unlimited Club to wash your car as many times as you want at a fixed monthly rate.

If you don’t like any of these membership packages, you can Cancel Club Car Wash membership anytime. Stay tuned as we uncover all the effective methods with our quick and easy guide.

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You can easily cancel your Club Car Wash Membership either by filling out the online form, In-person visit to the location, or via phone call at (833) 416 – 9975.

  1. Online Cancellation Via Online Form
  2. Cancellation through Visit in person
  3. Cancellation Via phone call

How To Easily Cancel Club Car Wash Membership Online?

You can easily cancel your Club Car Wash Membership by filling out a simple online form from their official website.

Follow the steps below to cancel your Club Car Wash Membership:

  1. Navigate to the manage membership section on the official Club Car Wash Website.
  2. From the Select Request Option, Choose Cancel Membership.
  3. Then, Select a reason for which you want to cancel your membership.
  4. Fill in all the required information ( First name, last name, Email, and phone number).
  5. Click on next and submit your form.

You will then receive an update on your cancellation request through emails.

How To Cancel Club Car Wash Membership Via Phone Call?

Another method to easily cancel a Club Car Membership is Via a call. You can directly contact the customer support team at (833) 416 – 9975.

Once you’re connected, express your desire to cancel your Club Car Wash Membership to the customer support representative.

Provide all the necessary information regarding your membership and follow their instructions.

Your club car wash membership will be cancelled in no time. This way, you don’t have to fill out any forms or visit the Club Car Wash location, which makes this method very efficient.

How To Cancel Club Car Wash Membership In Person?

If a Club Car Wash location is very nearby, then you can cancel your Club Car Wash Membership by visiting the Club Car Wash location.

Reach out to a representative from the customer support department and tell them about your intention to cancel your membership.

They will then ask you for the necessary information about your membership and will proceed with the cancellation request.

Cancellation Policy Of Club Car Wash

The cancellation policy of Club Car Wash is quite simple. You can cancel Club Car Wash Membership anytime you’re not under any contract.

You will need to cancel your Club Car Wash membership before it renews automatically every month.

If your membership autopays on the 1st of the month, then request your cancellation 3 days prior to the payment date.

You can choose any of the methods mentioned above to cancel your membership without any issues.

Club Car Wash Customer Service Contact Details

You can reach out to the Club Car Wash Customer Service via any of these contact methods:

Official Website
Email[email protected]
Phone Number(833) 416 – 9975
Contact Details of Club Car Wash

Tips And Best Practises:

Here are some tips you can follow before and after you cancel Club Car Wash Membership:

  1. The membership plan only applies to 1 vehicle
  2. If you have requested a cancellation, make sure that you get a confirmation email officially cancelling your membership
  3. Keep the cancellation email with you for at least a month.
  4. Make sure your vehicle passes all these restrictions 
  5. Follow all the wash instructions properly, as customers are liable for damages

That’s it for this one. I hope this blog helped you with the cancellation. Do share it with someone who might also find this helpful. If you have any suggestions or faced any difficulties during the cancellation process, let us know in the comments.

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Can I Get A Refund On My Club Car Wash Membership?

Club Car Wash doesn’t provide any refunds on its membership. However, you can cancel your Club Car Wash membership anytime.

How Can I Change The Payment Method On My Club Car Wash Membership/

To change the payment method on Club Car Wash Membership, Navigate to the manage account section of the website, and on the request section, choose ‘Update payment method’ fill in the details of your membership, and submit the form.

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