How to Cancel 1800 Flowers Order? 3 Easy Methods

Flowers are a really versatile and pleasant gift, no matter the occasion. Each flower represents a really beautiful as well as a meaningful gift.

Whether it’s graduation, wedding, birthday, anniversary, or even moments of sympathy, flowers have the ability to convey emotions and sentiments in a way that few other gifts can match.

1800 Flowers is the only platform where you will get fresh flowers online. They offer you the best flowers from skilled florists who will provide you with exquisite flower gift baskets.

But if you wish to cancel your 1800 Flowers order due to some change of plan because you no longer need the flowers for the occasion or maybe because you had a change of mind and decided on a better gift?

Like Plexus cancellation, you can, If you have any questions or doubts regarding the cancelation of your order, don’t worry. We are here to answer them.

Can I cancel my 1800 Flower Order?

You won’t be able to cancel your order once it’s in transit, shipped, or delivered. However, if the flowers haven’t left the shop, you’ll still be able to easily cancel or modify your order.

How to Cancel 1800 Flowers Order?

You can cancel your 1800 Flowers order by calling, via an email to their customer support service team, or by asking for their help to cancel your order through their live chat.

Cancel 1800 Flowers Order via Phone Call

Cancellation via phone call is the quickest and most efficient way to cancel 1800 Flower via phone call, and here is the process:

  1. Dial the 1800 Flowers Customer Support team at 1-800-227-5387.
  2. Tell them to help you with the cancellation of your order.
  3. Please provide them with your order details and personal information.
  4. If your order hasn’t left their shop yet, they will cancel your order. Otherwise, the order will be delivered to you.

Cancel 1800 Flowers Order Via Email

If you have a scheduled delivery and want to cancel without talking to customer service, then you can cancel it by Email as well.

Be sure to add all the information related to your order, such as the items you ordered, your items order number, your contact number, etc.

Write a well-written email in which you clearly mention that “you want to cancel your order” and send that email to their Customer Service Email, which is: [email protected]

Confirmation for your order cancelation will be sent to you in your email. 

Cancel 1800 Flowers Order Through Live Chat

There is also an option to live chat with their team staff and ask them to cancel your order on chat by providing them with your order information.

To open their live chat,

Visit the 1800 Flowers Website, and at the bottom of the page, you will find a “chat” button on the right corner of the screen. Click on the “Chat” button, and you can connect with their team on chat, where you can ask them to cancel if it hasn’t been shipped yet.

Does 1800 Flower provide Free Returns or Exchanges?

Yes, 1800 Flower does provide returns and exchanges on their delivered flowers. You can find more on their return policy on the customer service page.

Can I get a Refund from 1800 Flower?

Yes, 1800 flowers will give you a refund. In case you receive flowers other than the one you ordered once or just don’t like your order.

You can make a return and ask for a refund request from them within 30 days from the purchase date.

According to their website, your refunded amount will be credited to your bank account within 5-7 working days after your order is successfully picked by their team.

Details video on Returns and Exchange on 1800 Flowers

Refund on 1800 flower | Credit: Ask about sports


How Can I Modify 1800 Flowers Order?

You can modify your order by
contacting their Customer Support Service team at 1-800-227-5387 or
Emailing them at: [email protected]

Why am I not able to Cancel My 1800 Flowers Order?

You can only cancel those orders that are not shipped yet. So, the reason you are unable to cancel your 1800 Flowers order is that your order has already been shipped or delivered to you.

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