How to Cancel Bath and Body Works Order with Refund?

The cancellation Policy of Bath And Body Works orders states that you can cancel it by calling the customer support department at  02-24803882 within 1 hour of placing the order; failing to cancel within an hour will result in successful delivery.

About and Why Cancel the Order?

Bath And Body Works is the go-to name for home fragrances and personal care in the US. Most people are using the product out of habit, also their fragrances are limited edition.

If you do not like, do not need, are bored of the recognizable sweet and rather artificial base, or are concerned about the chemicals in your lotion, it is time for the cancellation.

However, due to their strict cancellation policies, many people find it difficult to Cancel Bath And Body Works Orders.

So, If you ordered something from Bath And Body Works and are now looking for ways to cancel but are confused due to the tricky cancellation policy of the company. You’re not alone; fortunately, you have arrived at the right palace.

How to Cancel Bath And Body Works Order?

You can cancel your Bath and Body Works order by calling customer care at 02-24803882 within 1 hour of placing the order.

The company has a different cancellation policy compared to other companies. You are required to call their customer Service department within 1 hour of placing the order.

If you fail to cancel it within 1 hour, your order cannot be cancelled before delivery.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to cancel your order after the 1-hour time frame.

You can still cancel your Bath And Body Works Order after delivery through this alternative method: Cancellation Through Returns Policy.

How To Cancel Bath And Body Works Order After Delivery?

You can cancel the bath and body works order after delivery in the 7 steps below.

  1. Visit Store: the nearest Bath And Body Store within 14 days of receiving the product.
  2. Talk to a representative: Reach out to the customer service representative.
  3. Provide Reason: Clarify them about your desire to cancel your order.
  4. Provide Receipt: They will ask you for a relevant invoice, Provide any invoice that confirms your Bath And Body Works Order.
  5. Information: Provide any other required information.

The representative will then initiate the returns process, and you will receive refunds ( except delivery charges) if you are eligible.

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What are the conditions to get refunds on Bath And Body Works Orders?

There are 3 conditions to get a full refund except for the delivery charge on the Bath And Body Works order, which are listed below.

  1. Cancellation should be placed within the first hour by calling the Customer Service Department during working hours.
  2. If you canceled via returns, The product must be returned within 14 days (except for some special orders/ offers)
  3. The products must be returned in the original condition.

If you fail to meet these conditions, Bath And Body Works can reject your return/refund request.

How can I contact Bath And Body Works?

Email[email protected]
Customer Support Information

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