How To Cancel La Fitness Membership?

Don’t want to continue your membership in La Fitness? Here are a few easy and quick steps to cancel La Fitness Membership.

You can choose a Fitness Club near your location as it has a chain of gyms and health clubs 550 in 22 states over the US and Canada.

They have monthly subscription based membership plans, which you can subscribe to based on your needs.

According to the voices on the internet, people cancel their gym membership within the first week due to various reasons, of which the most common seem to be lack of maintenance in gym equipment.

Also, the fact La Fitness is usually around 5 am – 10 pm and is not open 24 Hour Fitness is a huge downside.

So, if you are looking to cancel, then read the steps below.

ServiceLa Fitness
Cancellation MethodSubmit Cancellation Form
Or, Call
Cancellation FeeNone
Freeze AccountAvailable
E-mail[email protected]
AddressP.O. 54170
La Fitness Cancellation

4 ways you can Cancel La Fitness Membership in 2023?

Four methods to cancel your LA Fitness membership are:

  1. Cancel in person at La Fitness Club
    • Through Cancellation Form
    • Through Operations manager
  2. Cancel through Online
  3. Cancel through a Phone Call
  4. Cancel through Bank

Cancel in Person at La Fitness Club

This is the most efficient and direct approach to canceling your LA Fitness Club membership.

Through Cancellation Form

If the gym is near your location or you don’t mind visiting the gym personally, then

  1. Go to La Fitness Club (Any Branch).
  2. Talk to the front desk and ask them to cancel your membership.
  3. Fill out the membership cancellation form.
  4. Submit the filled form to them or mail them.

Some clubs will not accept until they sign the form personally.

Info Box

If, for some reason, they do not allow cancellation of your membership, then you can ask to speak with the Operation Manager.

Cancel Through Operation Manager

Visit the gym on Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm and ask them to speak to the Operation Manager.

As they are the ones who have the actual authority to cancel your membership. Give your reason for cancellation and submit the form.

Confirm your question regarding cancellation with the GYM employee for any additional questions.

Cancel La Fitness Membership Through Online Mail

If you are unable to visit your nearby La Fitness Club, then you can also download the cancellation form through your online account and send it through the mail.

To cancel it online, follow the steps below.

  • Visit
  • Login to your account.
  • Scroll over to “Member Tools.”
  • Select “My LA Fitness” from the dropdown.
  • Click on “Cancellation Form,” fill and print it out.
  • Now, send it through a Certified Letter to receive proof of delivery.

Address: LA Fitness, PO Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92619-4170. 

Please confirm the address for a change in address before sending it.

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Cancel through Phone Calls

If we look at Reddit, there are many users who were able to successfully cancel their La Fitness subscription through phone calls within a few minutes.

Here are the number and call timing for cancellation through phone calls:

Timing7 am to 2 pm
Phone No(949) 255-7200
Cancellation TimingWithin 5 minutes
La Fitness Customer Support Call

Cancel Experience via calls in La Fitness

For anyone looking for solutions, I called the -7200 number and was able to get ahold of someone almost immediately. The person on the phone was super nice, and the call barely even lasted 2 minutes. I told her I had moved away and was unable to get to any of the LA Fitness locations, and I would appreciate assistance with cancelling my membership.

Cancel through a Bank or Card Company

If they still continue to charge you after successfully submitting the cancellation form, fulfilling all the required terms and conditions.

It is time to call your bank or card company through which you’ve been paying for the subscription.

Explain to them that you’ve tried to cancel, but they still continue the recurring charges. It should work.

Confirm your cancellation of La Fitness Membership.

One of the easiest ways is to check your membership status in your app.

The other way is to call the corporate number at 888-601-5870 after 48 hours of form submission.

If your account is still active, then tell them details of the receipt and the date when you submitted your form.

Is there a cancellation fee for La Fitness?

No, there is no cancellation charge if you wish to cancel your service.

La Fitness is one of the clubs that does not charge any cancellation fee, as most of the GYMs will charge to Cancel Fitness 19 membership.

Will I receive a refund for the cancellation?

No, there is no cash refund on cancellation. You can access La Fitness service until the new cycle begins.


You should submit the form at least 5 business days (Excluding Weekends and Holidays) before next month’s dues are billed.
Otherwise, you will be charged for next month as well.

Use Freeze to take a Break

If you are taking a break or cannot use the club for some time, then you can freeze your account.

How much does it cost to freeze La Fitness?

If you are on a monthly membership, then it will cost you $10 a month.

For a full member, it will cost $35 and can freeze up to six months.

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