3 Sureshot Ways To Cancel Fitness 19 Membership 

Are you a Fitness 19 member who is considering canceling your membership? Well, We all have our reasons for not being able to visit the gym regularly, and that’s all right. You don’t need to specify your reasons, as nobody is going to judge you for that.

Fitness 19 is a popular gym with over 30 locations in the US, and They offer various kinds of membership plans based on your needs.

But not everyone enjoys their time at this gym. Some people have even had difficulties cancelling Fitness 19 Memberships due to their policies and agreements.

But don’t worry, and we’re here to help you. You can follow these simple methods to cancel your 24 hour fitness membership anytime anywhere. 

Methods to Cancel Fitness 19 Membership

Whether you are not satisfied with the services and facility, have achieved your workout goals, or want to check out other options.

Here are the steps you can go through to cancel your Fitness 19 membership:

  1. Cancelation by in-person Visit
  2. Cancellation by Mail
  3. Cancellation by a Phone Call
  4. Online Cancellation

Cancellation by in-Person Visit

To cancel your membership with Fitness 19, You can directly visit the gym during its operating hours and inform them about your intention.

Please fill out all the necessary forms and documents according to their instructions, and make sure to keep a copy of the confirmation for documentation purposes.

Cancel Fitness 19 Membership through Mail

  1. You can also cancel your Fitness 19 membership by mail. You can see the location of your nearest Fitness 19 in the link Fitness 19 Contact Us.
  2. In the letter, write down your membership and personal details (for personal details, including your full name, email, address, date of birth, last 4 digits of your driver’s license, last 4 digits of your social security number, and your username and password if you registered online).
  3. Give the reason for your membership cancellation.
  4. Specify the date you wish the cancellation to take effect. You can also ask if you have any further questions.
  5. After you are finished, please mail it to your local Fitness 19 club.
  6. Follow up to ensure that the cancellation was processed correctly. If you don’t receive confirmation within a certain time, contact customer service to resolve any issues.

Cancellation by phone call

Fitness 19 membership can also be canceled by a simple phone call.

You need to Locate the nearest FIT 19 gym and call their customer support number.

Speak to the representative and state clearly your intention to cancel your membership and provide the necessary information. 

In case you want to cancel your membership for a few months and then restart it. You can consider the freeze option.

Cancellation through Online

  • Log into your Fitness 19 MICO account.
  • Go to the “My Agreement Info” section.
  • Fill in the agreement information from the original Fitness 19 membership contract details and
  • Proceed to cancellation and follow the instructions.

This contract was emailed to you on the day you joined Fitness 19. If you’re unable to find this contact information. You can contact the closest Fitness 19 location.

Cancellation of VASA Fitness can be submitted through APPs, website, phone call, and also via email, which makes it convenient for those who want to leave.

Confirm your Cancellation

Make sure to get confirmation about the cancellation of your gym membership and document it. Some people face this issue while canceling gym membership, where they are told that their membership is canceled, but they are still being charged by the gyms. 

To avoid such a situation, always confirm your cancellation by following these steps:

Confirmation via call or visit: Always ask them for some documentation that confirms the cancellation of their membership.

Check your membership account: You can always log in to the online portal of the gym and confirm your membership status.

What You’ll Need to Cancel?

1. Account information
2. Personal information
3. Reason for canceling
4. Fitness 19 membership contract

Are there Cancellation Fees for Fitness 19 Membership?

This depends on the kind of membership and contract conditions. Such conditions are usually mentioned in the contract for the membership. So, it’s necessary to read the contract carefully beforehand.

Certain gyms might charge fees for cancellation if you decide to end your annual membership before its expiration date. We highly advise you to go through your membership contract once for this information or call Fitness 19 directly to understand the exact charges or penalties that are associated with canceling your membership.

How Long does it take to Process a Fitness 19 Membership Cancellation?

Generally, it takes about a week to process a cancellation request, but certain locations may require extra time, while other locations may have a quicker cancellation time.

The time to process the cancellation of a Fitness 19 membership cancellation may vary between different locations.

To ensure a smooth cancellation process, you should call the Fitness 19 gym directly or go to your local gym to find information about the processing time for cancellation of membership.

Will I receive a Refund if I Cancel my Fitness 19 Membership?

No, Fitness 19 does not give refunds if you have a monthly membership. Often, Fitness 19 doesn’t offer refunds for the membership fee that you have already paid.

It depends on your refund policy for cancellation of your type of membership and the terms and conditions of your contract.

If you have a 12-month contract and decide to cancel it after a certain time, it is possible to qualify to receive a certain amount of refund for the remaining months you aren’t going to go to the gym.

For this information, too, it is important for you to go through your membership contract or call Fitness 19 directly.

How to Freeze My Fitness 19 Membership For Breaks?

If you are interested in pausing your membership, you can call customer service (phone number: (719) 591-9100) or visit the local Fitness 19 gym club.

You can pause or freeze your membership at Fitness 19 gym if you want to get back to your workout schedule after some months.

You can choose to freeze your membership for from 1 to 4 months, and you can only do it twice a year.

The charges depend on the policies and the location of Fitness 19, so it’s best to consult your nearest outlet for more information about the freezing process and the charges.

Cancel Experience by Reddit

A Reddit user has shared his experience of canceling the membership via phone call. As per him, he called the customer service number -9262 and kept pressing 0 until he reached a representative. They guided him, and he successfully canceled his membership.


Can I cancel my Fitness 19 membership Online?

Fitness 19 does offer online cancellation through the iCLUB website, where you need to log in with your Fitness 19 MICO account.

Is there a cancellation charge for Fitness 19?

There is no information about the cancellation charges on the company’s website. Information about the charges can be found by reading your membership agreement or by contacting the nearest Fit 19 location.

Is my membership agreement necessary for cancellation?

Fitness 19 requires members to include their membership agreement details while canceling the membership. These agreements are emailed to you on your first day as a Fitness 19 member. You can also reach out to the nearest Fitness 19 gym to get this information.

Where can I find the Fitness 19 Contact number?

If you have any queries related to your membership, facilities, or any other information you would like to get about Fitness 19 gyms, you can contact their customer service department by calling at. You can also visit Fitness 19 Contact Us to get your local club location address and phone number.

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