How to Cancel CleanMyMac X Subscription?

Joined it via a free trial, thinking I could cancel it on day 6, but now stuck with it and can’t cancel your CleanMyMac X Subscription.

Ads that scare you into downloading these cleaner apps to remove Osascript are usually not true. macOS automatically removes malware, and fortified anti-virus protection is built into the OS.

CleanMyMac X is a tool released in 2008 and developed by MacPaw to maintain and optimize your MacBook. It claims to help users clean their Macs, remove malware, and improve performance.

At present, they provide all sorts of features, such as a space analyzer, duplicate file finder, and so on.

Customers have mixed reactions to this application. Some are happy to see their Macbook running smoothly, while others are desperately looking to cancel their subscription.

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How can I cancel my CleanMyMac X Subscription?

To cancel your CleanMyMaC X subscription online follow the steps below:

  1. First, Visit MacPaw’s “Subscription Manager Page“.
  2. Enter the “Activation Code or Email” used for the subscription, then click on the Search button.
  3. Click on the “Send Link” button (It might take a few seconds to popup)
  4. Check your email for the “MacPaw Access Link.”
  5. Click the “Manage Subscriptions.” link from the email.
  6. Now, Click on the “Cancel Subscription” link from the billing details section.

This is the end of cancelling CleanMyMac X subscription, it might take a while but is recommended and official method to completely cancel your account.

Cancel your CleanMyMac X subscription using the App Store:

  • Open the “App Store.”
  • Click on your “Name or Profile.” (Usually your image)
  • Then, open “Account Settings.”
  • Go to the “Manage section” and click Manage next to the Subscriptions line.
  • Find the “CleanMyMac X” subscription and click on Edit.
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription“.

Info Box

After completing cancelltion, your subscription will be displayed as cancel and also receive an email from MacPaw.

Subscription Plans and Discounts Allowed

CleanMyMac X and MacPaw offer a variety of offers and plans to make things easier for you.

Plans1 Mac2 Macs5 Macs
One Year$39.95$79.90$199.75
One Time$89.95$179.90$449.75
You are eligible for Discounts which can help you save a heavy sum.

They give you a flat 30% discount for students. Furthermore, you can use different promo codes, too. You can use their website to find codes, and you can save your money.

On top of that, you get a seven-day free trial to use their software. This version can perform only a limited work, but it is effective enough to tell what you are paying for.

Cancellation Policy

CleanMyMac X does not charge any cancellation fee.

The product remains fully functional until the end of the paid period. Auto-renewal is canceled after cancellation.

You will receive a confirmation email after your cancellation either from MacPaw or App Store, if you cannot find it then check your spam folder.

Can I continue using CleanMyMac X after cancelling subscription?

Yes, you can continue using your CleanMyMac X including all the paid features untill the end of the current paid period.

Meaning if you have cancelled your subscription a month earlier before next billing then you can use it untill it expires.

Can I get a Refund on cancellation?

Yes, you are eligible for refunds only if a refund is claimed within 30 days of the initial purchase.

Common Reasons for Cancellation

  1. No need for an application anymore.
  2. Find a subscription that is very expensive
  3. Unhappy with CleanMyMac X’s performance
  4. Unhappy with company policy

Why was my Subscription Cancelled?

They hold the right to cancel your refund due to the following reasons:

  • Software wrongly purchased.
  • Pending shipping charge for hardcopy.
  • Inability to use software because of your computing environment.
  • If the software is bought in the offer or in a discount.

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How do I contact customer support?

You can always visit the website “” or call the company’s customer service department at +1 (877) 562-2729.

Official website
Phone Number+1 (877) 562-2729
Email[email protected]
Contact Details of CleanMyMac X

How to uninstall CleanMyMac X?

To uninstall CleanMyMax X, follow the simple steps listed below:

  1. Open CleanMyMac X.
  2. Go to the Uninstaller module.
  3. Search for CleanMyMac X in the list of apps.
  4. Click Complete Removal in the Smart Selector panel to mark the application file and all its related items for removal.
  5. Click on the Uninstall button.
  6. Confirm the remove app message.

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