How To Easily Cancel Williams Sonoma Order? [2 Effective Methods]

Williams Sonoma is a renowned name when it comes to premium kitchenware and home decorations. If you decide to try Williams Sonoma, Trust me, you will never be disappointed. The quality is always top-notch in all of their products coming from the best brands.

But what if you had to cancel Williams Sonoma Order? Are you aware of their cancellation /return/ refund policies? Is the cancellation process easy? If these queries are running in your mind. You have arrived at the right place, and we will solve every query you might have. Just stay tuned.

Many customers start facing issues when it comes to cancellations. They mostly have problems due to the strict cancellation policy of Williams Sonoma but don’t worry we got you covered. Read till the end as we go through the step-by-step procedure for each of these methods to cancel the Williams Sonoma Order.

2 Best And Effective Methods To Cancel Williams Sonoma Order

Although the cancellation policy of Williams Sonoma is quite strict for cancellation. You can still easily cancel the Williams Sonoma order by following the proper methods. To cancel Williams Sonoma, you can either contact the customer service department via phone call or return your order by visiting your local Williams Sonoma store in person :

  • Cancellation Via Phone Call
  • Cancellation By Visiting In Person

How Can I Cancel Williams Sonoma Order Via Phone call? 

One quick and easy method to cancel Williams Sonoma Order is to cancel it Via A quick phone call. Here’s how you can accomplish that:

  1. Reach out to the customer service department at 877-812-6235
  1. You will then be connected to a Customer Service Representative
  2. He/she will then ask for the details about your order
  1. Provide all the important information like the order number, email, confirmation number, etc.
  1. Once all the information is verified. The representative will then guide you throughout the cancellation process.
  1. Just follow their instructions, and your order will be cancelled in no time.

How Can I Cancel Williams Sonoma Order In Person?

If a Williams Sonoma store is near your locality, then you can consider canceling your order by visiting that Williams Sonoma outlet. You can easily cancel your order through their return and refund policy by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the nearest Williams Sonoma location in person
  1. Reach out to the customer service representative 
  1. Tell them about your desire to return your Williams Sonoma Order 
  1. Give them the original receipt along with the product
  1. UPS orders can be returned by filling out the return form or by attaching a return label and sending the item via mail to this address:  Williams Sonoma 8005 Polk LaneOlive Branch, MS 3865

The representative will then initiate the return process, and you’ll also receive a full refund if you match all the criteria. 

Williams Sonoma Cancellation Policy Explored

Williams Sonoma allows customer to cancel their order by contacting the customer service department at 877-812-6235. 

  1. No cancellations for UPS deliveries

Once the order is placed for UPS deliveries, it cannot be cancelled as UPS deliveries are processed as soon as the order is placed.

  1. Cancellations Via Returns

If you are unable to cancel your order via phone call. You can use the Return and Refund policy to cancel your order

A quick dive into Williams Sonoma Returns Policy

  1. No Returns For Online Orders

Williams Sonoma currently offers no return on Home Products purchased online at any retail stores or home outlets.

  1. No Returns for sale Items and personalised orders

The final sale items mostly end in .97,.98,.99 as we; as specific personalised orders and perishable food cannot be returned

  1. No Returns for normal wear and tear

Williams Sonoma will only accept returns if there is a faulty, damaged or misplaced item. Items with normal wear and tear won’t be accepted for returns.

  1. Time To Return

Items must be returned along with the proof of purchase (original / gift receipt) within 30 days of delivery.

  1. For UPS Returns

The company will accept returns by mail for items under 70 lbs. To return via UPS, customers will have to fill out the form or attach a printed return label available on the website. For returns heavier than 70 lbs, contact the customer service department. 

After the return is accepted, customers can get a full refund if they match all the eligibility 

How To Get  Refunds On Williams Sonoma Orders? (Eligibility Criteria)

Williams Sonoma does provide refunds on cancellation/return of orders if the customers fulfill these conditions.

  1. The item must be in the original condition
  1. Original receipt must be provided while returning the items
  1. Order must be cancelled or returned within 30 days

If all conditions are fulfilled, customers shall receive a full refund (minus the delivery charge) in the same payment method used for the order. Orders returned with a gift credit will receive a refund in the form of Merchandise credit.

Williams Sonoma Customer Support Contact Details:

Email[email protected]
InstagramInstagram Account
Mailing AdressWilliams-Sonoma, Inc.
3250 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94109 USA

Extra Tips And Best Practises : 

Thank you for reading the complete article; means a lot to us. As a thank-you gesture, Here are some tips and best practices for cancelling Williams Sonoma Order:

  • No returns without original receipt
  • While returning an order via UPS, make sure to tear the top part of the form and keep it safe.
  • Refunds can take up to 14 business days.
  • Mattress, Outdoor grills, and gift cards cannot be returned at all.
  • Delivery Fees are non-refundable

And that’s it for this one. We hope this guide proved to be helpful and you are now less stressed about the cancellation process. If you have any queries or suggestions, kindly let us know in the comment section. Do share this with someone who may find this helpful as well, and stay tuned for more such content.

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Can I Get A Refund On a Williams Sonoma Order?

Yes, William Sonoma offers a full refund (minus the delivery charge). You can get refunds either by cancelling or returning the order, but you must meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

The Customer Service Of William Sonoma Is not responding to my requests. What can I Do?

 If you’re not getting a response via email, you can try this customer service department number: 877-812-6235.   or you can also visit the nearest Williams Sonoma location

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