Cancel Western Union Transfer in 3 Easy ways 2023

Western Union is a US based Financial Service Company that provides money transfer services and other banking services all around the world. They are most famous for having an easy money transfer process from one country to another, operating in over 200 countries worldwide.

However, with the easy process of transferring funds from one account to another. Customers may have accidentally sent the money to the wrong account or mistakenly sent more than the intended amount. This is a common problem faced by customers all over the world.

If you are one of them, then this article can help you cancel your Western Union Transfer and explain to you all the policies and other important information that you may need to know about the Cancellation process.

How to Cancel Western Union Transfer?

  • Via the Official Website or App 
  • Via the local branch  
  • Via Customer Care 

According to the official Website of Western Union, there are only 3 ways of Cancelling your Transfer, as mentioned above.  

So be aware of any other method posted on the internet to avoid getting scammed. Western Union is targeted by many scammers since they can easily take out money from a scam transfer by tricking the customers. So it is necessary to be informed well about this process.

Via the Official Website or App 

  • Go to the Official Website or the Official App of Western Union and log into your Account. 
  • Go to the “Recent Transfers,” and this will show you your Recent Transaction history. 
  • Click on the Transfer you want to Cancel and Select “Show details”. 
  • After you see the details, click on the “Cancel Transfer” option. (If you don’t see one, then you need to contact customer care”) 
  • A link will pop up; follow the link and follow further instructions to cancel your transfer. 
  • After the Cancellation process, your Money will be refunded to your Account.

Via the local branch 

  • Visit the same location from where you completed the transaction or any other Western Union Local Branch during office hours.
  • For the Cancellation process, you will need your Government-issued Card and The Tracking Number (MTCN)
  • Tell the Staff that you want to Cancel your Transaction.
  • The Staff should request your required information and guide you through the Cancellation process. 
  • After the Cancellation process, you may need to wait a few days to get your refund.

Via Customer Care Service 

  • Make a Call to Western Union Customer Service at “1-800-235-0000″. 
  • Request for Transfer Cancellation and wait for them to connect you to the correct representative. 
  • After your call has been successfully connected, the representative will ask you for your personal details and MTCN pin for verification 
  • After the verification, follow further instructions from Customer Care to Complete your cancellation. 
  • After the Cancellation process, you need to wait for your refund for a few days.

Western Union Cancellation Fee policy 

According to the Western Union policy, a $15 fee is charged for the Cancellation fee. However, for a principal amount of less than $20, a $3 fee is charged for the Cancellation fee. 

When Can I request a Transfer Cancellation? 

You can only cancel and get a refund from your Transaction if your transfer hasn’t been picked up or deposited. If it already has been, then you need to contact customer support, but the refund process is not guaranteed. If the money has been deposited but not picked up yet, then Western Union may be able to help you.

How long will it take me to get my refund? 

If your cancellation process has been completed successfully, then it can take you up to 7 business days to receive your refund from Western Union. If you don’t receive your refund after the 7-day period after your cancellation, you can contact Western Union Customer Service.

Western Union Customer Care 

Western Union Customer Care is available 24/7. However, Western Union has locations in over 200 countries, so the Customer Care service phone number may be different for you. 

So, it’s recommended you look for the number at your local branch through the official website by searching for customer service contacts for your area.

Customer Care (Us)1800 325 6000 
Website Care1877 989 3268 
For TTY users(1800 877 8973 
Email [email protected] 

Western Union Cancellation Tip 

For the Cancellation process to be faster, make sure that you have your official documents, such as a national identity card and your MTCN PIN.

If you don’t know your MTCH PIN, then you can find it out by logging into your Account and going through the Transaction history or contacting the branch from where you processed your Transfer.

After you get your MTCN pin and you meet the other requirements, you can easily cancel your Transaction from Western Union.

When can I Cancel my Transfer? 

Customers can cancel their transaction anytime if they meet the Cancellation requirements. 

Can I get a full refund for my cancellation? 

If you Cancel your Transaction under 24 hours, then you may maybe eligible for a full refund. 

Can I cancel after the money has been picked up? 

Generally, you cannot cancel the transaction if it has already been picked up, but you can try by contacting customer support. 

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