How To Cancel Virgin Wines? [2 Easy Methods To Save]

Wines are quite popular in the UK.  If you’re a fan of fine wine, I’m sure you have heard of  Virgin Wines and their membership (wine club). Virgin Wines is one of the largest wine retailers that provides wines directly to consumers.

You can subscribe to the different Virgin Wines subscriptions like BeerBox, SpiritSave, justREDS, etc., and if you want to take a break, you can easily cancel Virgin Wines by following this simple guide. Virgin Wines have limited online methods to cancel their membership.

So, some subscribers have issues while canceling virgin wines but don’t worry, we got you covered. With this guide, you can cancel Virgin wines in no time. 

2 Quick And Easy Methods To Cancel Virgin Wines

To cancel Virgin Wines, you can either call the Virgin Wines Call center at 0343 224 1001 or reach out to the support team via email at [email protected]. or post. Stay tuned as we will present a step-by-step solution for each of these methods:

  • Cancelation Via Phonecall
  • Written Cancelations via Email/Post

How To Cancel Virgin Wines Via Phonecall?

The fastest way to cancel Virgin Wines subscriptions or orders is via phone call. Virgin Wines encourages customers to inform them about any cancellation requests via phone calls. Here is your step-by-step guide:

  1. Reach out to the Virgin Wines Call Centre at  0343 224 1001.
  2. You will be then connected to a customer support representative
  3. Provide all the relevant details about your order to the representative
  4. And Express your desire to skip/Cancel Virgin Wines

The representative will then proceed with your request, and your order/subscription will be cancelled in no time.

How To Cancel Virgin Wines Through Email/ Post?

If you’re not fond of phone calls, you can consider writing an email to cancel Virgin Wines and deliver it to their email at [email protected].

 You can also write a letter requesting cancellation at the postal address Virgin Wine Online Limited, St James’ Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich NR3 1TN.

Include these things in your letter/email:

  1. A subject line clearly expressing your desire to cancel
  2. All the necessary information about the order is in the body section (Order ID, membership ID, email phone number, or any relevant information).

A Quick Dive Into the Virgin Wines Cancellation Policy

Virgin Wines has a very simple cancellation policy. Customers are allowed to cancel any order/subscription at any time. You can even cancel your order after you have received it and get a refund. To cancel any order or subscription, you will need to either inform them via phone at 0343 224 1001 or email at [email protected] or a written letter to  Virgin Wine Online Limited, St James’ Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich NR3 1TN.

Under What Conditions Am I Eligible For Virgin Wine Refund?

Virgin Wines offers full refunds to its customers on all of their orders if and only if the bottles are not opened. However, The delivery charge will not be refunded once the delivery is complete.

 If you have any subscriptions like BeerSave or SpiritSave, you will have to deposit some money to your Virgin Wines account, and if you decide to cancel your Virgin Wines subscription anytime, you will get a full refund of the remaining amount in your Virgin Wines account.

However, personalized gifts are not eligible for refunds under any circumstances; they can only be returned if they are faulty or damaged. If you didn’t inform about the cancellation before delivery and the order is delivered, The delivery fee is £ 7.99 for wines and £4.99 for beers, spirits, and gifts.

Virgin Wines Customer Support Details

To contact Virgin Wine Customer Support, you can call or send an email to [email protected].

Apart from that, here is more detailed contact information.

just reds enquiries0343 224 1001
Discovery clubs enquiries0343 224 1044
just reds inquiries0343 224 1043
Commercial Sales email[email protected]
Commercial Sales Number0343 224 1006
Virgin Wines Contact Details

How To Easily Delete Virgin Wines Account?

If you have decided never to use Virgin Wines, then you may delete your Virgin Wines Account  by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Virgin Wines Account on the official Virgin Wines Website
  2. Click on ‘ My Account at ‘the top right corner of the webpage
  3. Navigate to the ‘Cancel My Account’ option inside My Account
  4. Confirm your cancellation by entering your password, and your Virgin Wines Account will be deleted.

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Can I cancel My Virgin Wines Order After Delivery?

Yes, You can cancel your Virgin Wines Order after Delivery by returning the order. However, you will only get refunds on unopened bottles (the delivery charge is non-refundable)

Can I delete my Virgin Wines Account?

Yes, you can delete your Virgin Wines account from the Cancel My Account option inside the My Accounts section on the website

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