How To Effectively Cancel SmartyCashback.Com subscription? 

Everyone loves getting cashback while shopping online, and with Smarty Cashback’s subscription, you will be able to monitor all available promo codes and discount vouchers.

Still, you will also get double cashback rewards on your savings earned by using You will still be able to use the basic free plan in case you cancel the SmartyCashback.Com subscription, also known as the SmartyPlus subscription.

Although the site seems pretty interesting however, various users have reported having issues with SmartyCashback.Com subscription. Subscribers have complained that the site charged them without their permission. Some have reported being charged without even subscribing to their membership.

Subscribers have reported various issues while trying to cancel This user was charged even after cancellation. The site seems to have a very negative reputation on sitejabber. Turns out that you will have to wait for months before you get a reward and will have to pay for the subscription for the whole period.

So, If you’re having doubts about your subscription and are now looking for ways to cancel your SmartyCashback.Com subscription, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here is our quick and easy guide to effectively cancel a SmartyCashback.Com subscription.

Best Methods To Quickly Cancel

To quickly cancel Click the login button at the top right corner and login to your account. From there, select the profile and navigate to the subscription section. Scroll down until the cancellation button. Now click on the Cancel Smarty+ subscription button. 

Subscribers can also cancel SmartyCashback.Com subscription by contacting the customer support department via email or phone call.

Stay tuned as we uncover the step-by-step process to cancel a SmartyCashback.Com subscription through each of these methods:

  1. Cancellation Via Website
  2. Cancellation Via email
  3. Cancellation via Phonecall

Read till the end for some Extra tips and best practices.

How To Easily Cancel SmartyCashback.Com Subscription Via Website?

Here are some quick and easy steps to easily cancel Via Website

  1. Open the official Smartycashback website on your browser
  1. Click on the login button at the top  right corner
  1. Enter your credentials and log in to your account
  1.  From there, select profile and navigate to the subscription section. Scroll down to the cancellation button
  1.  Now click on the Cancel Smarty+ subscription button and confirm your cancellation 

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How To Cancel SmartyCashback.Com Subscription Via Email?

Subscribers can also cancel SmartyCashback.Com subscription via Email. Here are some easy steps for an easy cancellation:

  1. Compose a cancellation email to [email protected]
  1. Write “subscription cancellation request’’ or something similar as the subject line.
  1. Clearly state your intention to cancel your subscription in the body section
  1. Also, include all relevant information about your subscription

A customer support representative will provide a follow-up on your application and will guide you throughout the cancellation process.

How To Cancel SmartyCashback.Com subscription via Phonecall

Similarly, you can also reach out to the customer support team directly over the phone. To cancel SmartyCashback.Com subscription via phone call. 

You will have to express your desire to cancel your Smartyplus subscription to the customer support representative available at any of these contact numbers:  (310) 593-4557, (877) 808-0810.

What Is The Cancelation Policy Of provides subscribers will full authority over the smartyplus subscription. There is no contract, Thus, subscribers can cancel their Smartyplus subscription anytime by following any of the three methods discussed above, but the subscribers have to cancel their subscription before the subscription renewal date. will continue to charge the agreed amount until and unless subscribers put in a cancellation request. There is no cancellation charge while cancelling a SmartyCashback.Com subscription (smartyplus).

A Quick Dive Into Refunds Policy?

The eligibility criteria, as well as the conditions, are not clearly mentioned by SmartyCashback.con, however, This doesn’t mean they don’t provide refunds. provides refunds based on the refund request.

Thus,  holds full authority over the refunds and may provide refunds based on the nature of the refund request.

Is / smartyplus subscription A Scam?

Multiple users have complained about the unauthorized charges made by for the Smartyplus subscription. It seems like subscription is just another bait site like: and

These sites trick customers into signing up for their subscription via various advertisements without mentioning anything about any charges and once a user is subscribed, they start charging them with frequent payments.

People have claimed SmartyCashback.Com subscription as a scam and have reported that the site doesn’t allow them to cancel their subscription. Some subscribers of Smarty Plus or SmartyCashback.Com subscriptions have reportedly been charged even after cancellation.

Thus, as per our research, SmartyCashback.Com subscription seems very fishy and a tentative scam like other similar sites like:, etc. We request everyone to be very careful while signing up for the SmartyCashback.Com subscription.

Phone number(310) 593-4557, (877) 808-0810.
Email[email protected]
Mail Address302 Washington Street #150-7081
San Diego, CA 92103

Extra Tips and Best Practises:

  1. The customer service representative may try to convince you to continue your subscription but politely deny any such requests.
  1. Refunds are only provided for transactions up to 6 months.
  1. Cancelling SmartyCashback.Com subscription doesn’t cancel subscription. They are different subscriptions; however, both of these sites seem to trick subscribers while signing up. So, make sure to cancel both of these subscriptions in case you have subscribed to them.
  1. If none of the methods are working for you or if the site is not responding to your cancellation request, dispute and block all transactions to 
  1. Cashbacks or other facilities from cannot be accessed after cancellation. Any such facilities present in your account are also canceled after you end your subscription.


How To Put On A Refund Request For

Users can put a refund request via email at [email protected], [email protected], or any other method in the Contact Us section.

 How To Delete Account?

Just log in with your account and click on the delete account button located at the bottom of the subscription section of your profile.

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