How to Cancel Public Storage Subscription and Get a Refund (2023 Guide)

Customers, after they are done storing their items, need to cancel their account and move their stuff out. It can be overwhelming for customers to request cancellation and move out. If you are one of them, then don’t worry; this article can help you through an easy, seamless process.

What is Public Storage?

Public Storage is one of the biggest brands offering self-storage services, with over 2200 locations in the US, Canada, and Europe. Known to safely store customer’s items and have insurance options on a month-to-month payment basis. 

Their subscription prices may vary depending on the place, facility, subscription type, and branch. However, their monthly average for small units is $70, medium units for $173, and large units for $321.50.

Step By Step Process to Cancel Public Storage

Public Storage subscriptions can be canceled via the following methods:

  1. Online Account 
  2. Live Chat 
  3. Phone Call 
  4. Via Mail 

According to the Public Storage official website, customers need to give at least 2 days prior notice to the property manager or schedule a move-out before the actual moving-out date. But this may vary according to your local branch. 

After you move out, the property manager will inspect and close your account accordingly. 

 How to Cancel Public Storage subscription Online?

  • Visit the Public Storage Official Website and log into your Account. 
  • Go to the Account section and click on the “My storage unit’s” option. 
  • Click on the “Schedule a move out” option. 
  • Fill out the form and follow further instructions on the screen to cancel and schedule a move-out. 

Via Live Chat with Customer Service

  • Visit the Public Storage Official Website. 
  • Click on the three-line navigation menu at the top right. 
  • Under About Us, click on the Contact Us option. 
  • After you see the contact page, click on the “Start live chat” option under the Live chat section. 
  • A form should pop up where you need to enter your first name, last name, and email. 
  • Click on “Start Conversation” after you fill-up the form and wait for a live agent to join the chat. 
  • After a live agent joins your chat, request for subscription cancellation. 
  • The live chat will ask you for your storage details and account details. 
  • Follow further steps from the live agent to complete your cancellation and schedule your move.

Through Customer Support (Phone) 

  • For Cancellation by phone, make a call to Public Storage Customer Support at “888-797-6980 ” during office hours. 
  • Once your call gets connected to the customer representative, request for subscription cancellation. 
  • You will need to provide your storage and account details for customer support. 
  • Follow further instructions from customer support to cancel your subscription and schedule a move-out date. 

Office Hours

Public Storage Customer Service Hours:
Monday-Saturday (5 am to 10 pm) and
Sunday (5 am to 9 pm) 

Via writing a cancellation request Mail

You can formally request to cancel your subscription to your Public Storage by sending a letter to their office. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Compose a letter with all of your account information and storage unit information (name, phone number, email, account number.) 
  2. Include the subject as “Storage Unit Cancellation” and also a reason for your cancellation. 
  3. Include your date of pick up and mail the letter to “Public Storage PO BOX 25050 Glendale, CA 91221-5050.” 
  4. Wait for them to get back to you. This process might take longer as they get hundreds of emails every day. 

Do I need to pay a cancellation fee for Public Storage?

Although you do not need to pay a cancellation fee, various other fees may apply, such as cleaning fee, administration fee, lock cutting fee, and late payment fee. 
For more information and calculation of the fees you have to pay, you should speak with the property manager. 

What happens to my belongings after cancelling my Public Storage subscription?

After cancelling your public storage, you must schedule a move-out. Visit your storage and move out on the specified date.

You can also request to reschedule your move-out.

Scheduled Move Out. What Now?

Empty your Storage: You should completely empty your storage. Public Storage does not allow customers to leave any stuff behind. 

Clean your Storage: To avoid any cleaning fees, clean and tidy up your storage. 

Remove the lock: Remove your storage lock and key. You can use this for future or other uses. 

Notify your property manager: Once you have completed the steps above, you should notify your property manager to finalize any remaining paperwork and to fully close your account. 

Does Public Storage provide a refund on unused days? 

Yes, customers who have previously prepaid for any storage unit will be eligible and get a refund for any unused days.

The amount that will be refunded will be pro-rated, meaning it will be calculated according to the unused days.

Methods to Contact Public Storage Customer Support. 

If you face any problem or have any confusion regarding your cancellation and move out, you can contact Public Storage Customer Support by any of the methods below. 

InformationContact Details
Customer Support Line888-797-6980
Customer Support Line(for reservation modification)888-797-6980
fax(905) 677-9960
customer support email[email protected]
Contact Public Storage Customer Support

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