How to Cancel Old Navy Credit Card?

Got your Old Navy Credit Card because there are no annual fees and minimal effort to maintain? But Sometimes it’s hard to control our expenses, especially using multiple credit cards.

If you want to control your spending habits, one alternative is to cancel the credit card. There are several card providers, but all share a similar cancelation process.

In this article, we will see how to cancel Old Navy Credit Card in a few easy steps. This decision might help you to control your excessive expenses. 

The only negative aspect of canceling a credit card is its impact on the credit score. So, make sure you can bear that before making a decision to cancel your Old Navy Credit Card.

If you have already made your decision to cancel your credit card, keep on reading as we will go through the detailed process to cancel your Old Navy Credit Card very easily in 2023.

Best Methods To Cancel Old Navy Credit Card

To cancel your Old Navy Credit Card, you can call the customer service department at 877-295-2080. or (866)450-5294, or you can cancel the card via mail service.

Stay tuned as we go through the step-by-step method for each individual process.

Cancel Your Old Navy Credit Card Via PhoneCall

Here are some quick and easy steps to cancel your Old Navy Credit Card

1. Call the Customer Care Service at 877-295-2080. or (866)450-5294. You can also use the number you can find on the card’s back. 

2. Automated voice will answer your call. Whenever they say something like “Account Services” and “Cancel Card”, tap that number.

3. Now, the Customer Service Representative will take your call. Give them all your credit card details as they ask. They might ask for a credit card number, personal details, or some latest billing statement.

4.  They will verify the information and proceed to cancel your card. 

5. Once they confirm the cancellation of your card, you can destroy it.

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Cancel  Old Navy Credit Card Via Mail

Another method to cancel your credit card. You can send mail directly to the bank to cancel your credit card. It will take around a month to cancel your credit card by this process. 

Make sure that when your credit card is created. If it is created before 2022, you must mail it to Synchrony Bank. If it is created after 2022, you have to contact Barclays Bank.

1. Add a proper subject like, “I want to cancel my old Navy Credit Card“. 

2. Then write a body in detail explaining why you want to cancel the credit card. 

3. Provide the necessary details like your card number, PIN code, address, and other personal details. 

4. Send your email to Synchrony Bank’s mailing address if your account is created before 2022. 

Synchrony Bank 

P.O. Box 965003 

Orlando, FL 32896-5003 

5. If your account is created after 2022, you have to send the mail to Barclays Bank’s mailing address.

Barclays Bank

P.O. Box 8801 

Wilmington, DE 19899-8801

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Before canceling the Old Navy Credit Card

Before canceling your credit card, you have to make sure some of the points that we’ll mention below are satisfied for your card. 

1. Make Zero Balance

First of all, make sure that there are no dues on your credit card. Your card should have zero balance.

2. Unlink Your Credit Card From Recurring Payments

You might have subscribed to different platforms like Netflix, Trello, or other platforms. You might have linked your credit card to pay your monthly bills or EMIs. Make sure to unlink credit cards from such sites.

3. Transfer Reward Points

Check on your credit card if you have any unused cashback or reward points on your account. You have to redeem the rewards or transfer the reward points before moving further to the cancellation process.

Cancellation Policy of Old Navy Credit Card

You must have to make sure that your credit card has zero balance and you have no dues to pay. 

Also, ensure you have used or transferred your reward points from your credit card. If you have applied for any subscriptions or bought anything on EMI, make sure to clear due before applying for cancellation.

Access to Card After Cancellation

Once your credit card is successfully canceled, you have to damage it. Even if you try to use it, you won’t be able to use the credit card. 

However, make sure not to use a credit card once you apply for the cancellation. In the meantime of your cancellation, if the bank sees that you are using the credit card, even after applying for cancellation, they might not cancel your credit card.

Why Can’t I Cancel My Old Navy Credit Card?

If you follow all the above instructions properly, there shouldn’t be a lot of issues while canceling Old Navy Credit Cards. 

Just ensure that you have no dues, successfully used or transferred your reward points, and have unlinked your credit card with all subscriptions and EMIs.


Does Canceling My Old Navy Credit Card Affect My Credit Score?

Yes, there is a high chance that if you cancel your Old Navy Credit Card, it will reduce your credit score, but you can always revive it again with caution.

Does Cancellation Work Instantly?

No, you can’t cancel the credit card instantly. It might take around a week to a month to cancel your Old Navy Credit Card completely.

How can I Contact Old Navy Customer Service?

You can directly call the customer service of Synchrony Bank at 1-866-664-0968. Also, you can contact them from their website’s official Contact Us page. 

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