How to Cancel Your Cigna Dental Insurance?

Are you looking to Cancel your Cigna Dental Insurance Policy? Most people find navigating through insurance policies complicated and daunting to deal with, and rightly so.

But don’t worry. Canceling your Insurance policy is not as complicated as you may have been anticipating. We have 3 short and simple ways to cancel the Cigna Dental Insurance Policy.

NameCigna Dental Insurance
RefundFull Refund, if first 30 days after
effective date of enrollment
Cancellation feeFree
processing fee$20
Contact Info1.877. 521.0244
Cancel Your Cigna Dental Insurance

Ways to Cancel Your Cigna Dental Insurance Plan for Members Billed Individually

Methods to cancel Cigna Dental Insurance

There are 3 ways to cancel your Cigna Insurance plan. You may cancel it at any time by calling the Customer Service number, through a Written Notice, and through email.

Before Cancelling your Cigna Dental Insurance, Make Sure To:

– Review your contract details, like your contract period, and make sure that there are no outstanding claims or bills before initiating the cancellation process.
– Check with your employer before canceling if your plans are provided through employers, which have different rules regarding the cancellation. 

Cancel your Cigna Dental Insurance through Letter

You can cancel your Cigna Dental Insurance Plan by sending them a written letter requesting the cancelation of your policy.

You can find the company’s address nearest to you through this link. Choose from the list of addresses of Cigna health care providers, depending on your region.

What to include in the cancellation letter?

Make sure to mention your policy number and policy details in the letter and all your personal details.

Send your letter to Cigna Dental Insurance at the following Address

If you are based in the US, customers are required to send their letter to the given address:

Cigna Dental, 8100 S.W.
10th Street, Suite 2000,
Plantation, FL 33324.
FL 33324. Attn: Operations.

After they process your cancellation request, you will receive confirmation from them.

Cancelation by Phone

 According to their cancelation policy, all customers who are billed individually may cancel at any time by calling their support number 1.877.521.0244.

Cancel your Cigna Dental Insurance by Email

Alternatively, you can also write an email to your Cigna Healthcare provider Customer Service.

Check the list of email addresses of Cigna health care providers depending on your region: Email address details

Make sure to mention your policy details in the letter and provide all your personal details that they ask for. After they process your cancellation request, you will receive confirmation from them.

Cancel Cigna Dental for Members Billed Through a Group

If you are a member of the dental insurance of Cigna billed through a group, then you have to contact your employer to have your insurance canceled. They will cancel it for you.

Cancelation Fees, Refund, and Process

The penalty for canceling your Cigna Dental Insurance policy may vary depending on the terms and conditions based on your contract.

We highly recommend that you review your contract or speak with a representative from Cigna to understand any potential penalties before initiating the cancellation process to be fully aware beforehand.

In Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
Phone +32 3 293 18 11
Fax +32 3 217 66 20
Email [email protected]

Are there any cancellation fees for the Cigna Dental Insurance policy?

There is a $20 cancellation processing fee in some US states, but there isn’t for customers in other states.

It mentions the list of states for which there are no cancellation fees for the Cigna Dental Insurance plan on this website: Refund Policy.

How Do I Get a Refund After Cancelling Cigna Dental Insurance?

It depends on your policy contract whether you are eligible for refunds. The easiest and most reliable way to know this is by directly asking Customer Service.

If you believe that you are eligible to get a refund from Cigna on your insurance cancellation and want to check, then make sure to ask them about it when you call the Customer Service number, write them a letter, or on their email.

Your refund will also include the periodic payments that you have made, if any.

How Do I Cancel My Cigna Provider Contract?

If you are someone who represents a dental clinic or affiliated clinics at Cigna or provides any related facility and want to cancel your provider contract, then you will need to send an email to the address [email protected] and apply for the termination of your contract. 

Your request will probably take around 15 days to be reviewed and processed, after which you will receive a confirmation mail as a result of the successful termination of the contract. 

Info Box

Some individuals believe that once they stop paying for their policy premiums automatically cancel this plan – but it’s not true.

Insurance providers require that their prospective policyholders commit to maintaining their insurance policy and resolve any outstanding financial obligations as per the terms specified in the contracts they originally signed upon enrolling in various healthcare programs.

So, take time to understand your contract period and the insurer directly about termination intentions.

If a member cancels his or her membership within the first 30 days after the effective date of enrollment in the plan, the member will receive a full refund, exclusive of the $20 processing fee.


Can I cancel Cigna Dental insurance online?

No, as of the writing, there is no information how how you can cancel your Cigna dental online. The only contest way is to contact them through email or phone for more information.

How Do I Cancel My Cigna AutoPay?

To cancel your Cigna Autopay, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Cigna website and log in to your account.
2. Navigate to the “Manage My Profile” section.
3. Choose “Reimbursement Preferences” from the options.
4. Look for the “AutoPay references” option in the menu.
5. You can change your “AutoPay Preference.”

How do I contact Cigna UK?

You can contact Cigna UK for all inquiries through their phone on 01475 753333 during office hours and also email [email protected]. Except for the query about your existing plan.

Where can I find Cigna’s Contact number near me?

Cigna sends all the important information, including support contact, through the welcome pack, including a telephone number that will take you directly to your company’s personal administrator.

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