Easy Ways to Cancel Hastings Direct Policy in 2023

Hastings Direct has been providing a wide range of insurance policies and schemes to their customers for the last two decades.

They provide a variety of insurance plans such as Car insurance, home insurance, Van Insurance, and Bike Insurance. 

Although Hastings Direct has been a popular choice among insurance buyers, much more flexible insurance plans are now being offered by other companies. Or maybe you don’t need the insurance coverage any longer.

We have got you covered on how you can easily cancel your Hastings Direct Policy

Ways of Cancelling your Hastings Direct Policy

Ways of Cancelling your Hastings Direct Policy 
2 Easy Ways to Cancel Your Hastings Direct Policy
  • Through a Phone call 
  • Through Physical mail 


Before you proceed, you must be aware of the cancellation policy of your plan. For example, for car insurance Hastings Direct offers a refund if you cancel your policy within 14 days of purchase, whereas that cancellation period is extended to 30 days for home insurance. 

Through phone call   

This is the first method that pops up when you google how to cancel your Hastings Direct policy. This is also the easiest method and is recommended by the company itself. 

1. To get started, make a phone call to Hastings Direct’s Customer Service line on ‘0333 321 9801’. 

2. After you have connected on the phone call with Customer Support, ask them about canceling your subscription and provide them with your Account Details. 

3. After you have followed through with this method, be sure to check your mail for a cancellation confirmation mail from the company.

Through Physical Mail 

Maybe you are someone who likes to do things the old way, or you get easily pursued to not cancel your policy by the company staff on the phone call. Then sending a physical letter might be the best option for you. 

1. Write a letter that includes the following information: 

– Your policy Number,  

– Your name, address, and contact information 

– The date you would like your policy to be canceled 

– A brief explanation of why you are canceling your policy 

2. Mail the letter to the address ‘PO Box 672 Bexhill-on-Sea East Sussex TN39 9AP United Kingdom ‘via the Hastings Direct Official webpage.  

Suspending your Hastings Direct Policy?

Did You know you can also suspend your Hastings Direct policy? Suspension means that your policy will be put on hold for a certain period, and you will not be charged any premiums during that time. The suspension period can be for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 12 months. 

You can suspend your policy multiple times, but the total cap limit on the suspension is 24 months. 

How to suspend your Hastings Direct Policy? 

To begin with, your suspension is almost as same as Cancelling your policy. Make a phone call to customer support and ask them to suspend your insurance policy and provide them with your details. After the suspension period, the policy will work as normal. 

Time to Look for a Hasting Direct Alternative? 

With a 1/5 star on jabber.com and multiple posts on Reddit about the dissatisfaction with customer service and the slow process of insurance claims, maybe it’s really time to look for an alternative. A User on the Reddit group ‘CarTalkUk’ has even gone far as to write, “I will not be going back to Hastings Direct, and I am prepared to pay a lot more just so I don’t have to deal with them’ on a Hasting Direct dissatisfaction post. 


What happens if I cancel my Hastings Direct policy after I have made a claim?

If you cancel your Hastings Direct policy after you have made a claim, you may have to pay back some of the money you received from the insurance claim. The amount of money you have to pay back will vary on the terms of your policy.

How can I get a refund after Cancellation?

You are only eligible for a refund during the cancellation period window, and after the period has passed, you won’t be able to get a refund or only get a partial refund depending on the type of subscription.

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