How To Quickly Cancel TruGreen 2023? [2  Easy And Effective Methods]

Who doesn’t love a serene lawn? If you’re someone who needs a perfect lawn, I’m sure you have tried a lot of options and have run into TruGreen. TruGreen seems to have a mixed reputation as some people have complained about their services.

Thus, If you are unsatisfied with TruGreen, you can easily cancel TruGreen in 2023 with this effective guide.

TruGreen is a popular professional lawn care and landscaping service company in the US. TruGreen offers its services in various plans and packages. However, some people have complained about prices being way higher than the quality of services.

Some people have also faced issues while trying to cancel their TruGreen subscriptions, where they are still charged even after cancellation. Thus, We have curated this simple yet effective guide to cancel TruGreen without any hassle.

Best Working Methods To Cancel TruGreen

To cancel TruGreen in 2023, you can either call the customer support team at 1-844-567-9909, or you can fill in the online form.

Here are the best methods to cancel Truegreen in 2023. You can follow any of these steps to cancel TruGreen quickly : 

  1. Cancelation Via Phonecall
  2. Cancelation Via WebForm

How To Easily Cancel TruGreen Via Phonecall?

A phone call is recommended and is the fastest method to cancel a TruGreen subscription. Follow these steps to cancel TruGreen Via Phonecall : 

  1. Dial this customer support number 1-844-567-9909 on your phone
  2. You will then be connected to a customer support representative
  3. Tell them about your intention to cancel your TruGreen subscription
  4. The representative will then guide you through further process.

Please do ask for confirmation of the cancellation from the call support to avoid the next billing.

How To Easily Cancel TruGreen By Filling A Webform?

If you don’t like phone calls, you can opt for this alternative method to cancel TruGreen. To cancel TruGreen, alternatively, you can fill out a web form by following these steps: 

  1. Head Over To TruGreen customer support section at  the bottom of the homepage 
  2. You will see a small form on the right-hand side.
  3. Enter your credentials 
  4. Choose “Customer Service” from Select A Category Menu
  5. Choose “Subscribe/Unsubscribe” from Select a Sub-Category Menu

In the notes section, clearly mention your intention to cancel your TruGreen Subscription and click Submit. This will send your request to the customer support team, and a representative will contact you with a follow-up on your request. He’ll then guide you with all the necessary procedures. Also Read: Cancel National Express Tickets

Info Box

Your subscription is not canceled until you receive the official confirmation through email. Some people on Reddit have reported  TruGreen is still providing services even after cancelling. So make sure to keep that confirmation email, and don’t hesitate to tell them that you have already canceled.

Cancel TruGreen Issues
Screenshot of people complaining about Cancellation of TruGreen

Is TruGreen Really Worth It? [ Issues Customers Have Complained About]  

TruGreen is one of the most popular companies in the US when it comes to lawn care, but the company has received mixed reviews. There are a lot of threads on Reddit where customers have complained about the company. 

This Redditor has mentioned their cancellation horror in this post, highlighting the issues he faced even after cancellation.

But he was still getting billed for the services, although he had already canceled. He was finally able to cancel after tweeting about his frustrations. The comment section is filled with people facing multiple issues with TruGreen and their customer service.

There are many such posts and comments on Reddit where people have complained about TruGreen and their regrets for choosing TruGreen. In this Reddit thread, A Redditor has complained about TruGreen billing him without providing any service. In the comment section, many people have reported about similar bad experiences with TruGreen and how overpriced it is.

We recommend you go through such posts and comments on Reddit before trying TruGreen. For those of you willing to cancel TruGreen, It seems you are not alone.

TruGreen Customer Support Information

Contact Us pageLink
Immediate need1-844-567-9909.
Customer Service1-844-768-0421
For New Service1-844-804-8474
TruGreen customer service


Can I Get  A Refund After I Cancel TruGreen?

Yes, As per the company’s policy, Customers can receive a full refund if they cancel the services within 5 business days of purchase. 

Can I Cancel TruGreen anytime?

Yes, You can cancel your TruGreen subscription anytime.

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