3 Simple Ways to cancel Straight Talk Service: Step-By-Step guide 

Maybe you are trying to limit your expenses, or maybe you don’t need the Straight Talk unlimited data plan anymore. Whatever your reason maybe we are here to help you cancel your Straight Talk Service in a few easy and simple steps. Just select the method you like and follow along. 

Straight Talk is a prepaid wireless subscription that gives their customer services such as unlimited data plan, unlimited calling, unlimited messaging depending on the type of subscription that they are subscribed too. 

Some of the popular Straight Talk plan include plan such as Bronze Unlimited , Silver Unlimited , Gold Unlimited and Unlimited International. However the cancellation method for every plan is should work the same.

Methods of Cancelling your Straight Talk Service

Cancel Straight Talk Service
Cancel Straight Talk Service
  • Through Straight Talk Website 
  • Through Customer Service 
  • Through Physical Mail 


There is no Cancellation Fee for cancelling your subscription From Straight Talk. However, you will not be refunded for any unused months of your subscription. The subscription is billed every first day of the month, so try cancelling before the start of the next month to prevent any unwanted subscription charges. 

How to cancel straight talk service online?

To cancel your Straight Talk wireless service online from their website follow the steps listed below:

  1. Begin with logging into the StraightTalk Website
  2. Once logged in click on the “My Account “tab option from the navigation bar. 
  3. After you see the drop-down menu, click on “End my Service Date”.
  4. Click the “Cancel service” option.
  5. You might get asked a reason for you cancellation, after you provide the reason, you will receive further instructions. Check your email inbox or your msg for confirmation message of your cancellation.

Through Customer Service. 

  • Make a Call at the StraightTalk Customer service at “1-877-430-2355″. 
  • Request for Subscription Cancellation and wait for them to connect you to the correct representative. 
  • After they connect you with the correct representative, give them your account details and information. 
  • They might ask you to reconsider and ask you for your reason for cancellation. So, stay firm with your decision. 
  • Check your email or msg shortly after the cancellation confirmation mail. 

Through Physical Mail 

If you find talking to customer service or cancelling from the website not suitable for you. Then you write a letter and mail it to the address “Straight Talk Wireless PO Box 5067 Port Richey, FL 34668”. 

The letter should contain all your account information and details and the reason for your cancellation. Be sure to mail it to the correct address and wait for a reply. This might take a few days as Straight Talk might receive hundreds of mails every day. 

Freezing your Straight Talk Service? 

Unfortunately, Straight Talk does not provide a way for its customers to freeze their subscription. However, since Straight Talk does not charge any cancellation fee and customers can cancel their subscription anytime, you can just cancel your subscription and reactivate your subscription once you need to use it again.  To reactivate your subscription, you will need to buy another subscription plan.

Reactivating your Same Straight Talk Number?

You can reactivate your subscription with the same number you unsubscribed from within 30 days of your cancellation which after that you will need a new number. You can reactivate your subscription through the Straight Talk Website or by calling the Customer support.

Transferring your Number to a New Service Carrier?

If you don’t want to go through the process of getting a new number and giving out your new number to all your friends and family then what you can do is port your number to a new service provider. This process requires no any additional fee.

To start this process you will need a Transfer PIN which can be generated from your Straight Talk account from the option ” Number Transfer Pin” which will send you the pin to your message. This pin will be valid for 7 days which you can use to provide it to your new service carrier with your account number and information. After this you can use your old number with your new service provider.


What happens to my phone number when I cancel my service?

Your phone number will be released to the list of available phone numbers after 30 days of service cancellation. After this it is highly unlikely that you will get the same number for reactivation.

Can I get a refund on my unused service minutes?

No you will not get any refunds on your unused service minutes.

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