3 Simple Ways to Cancel MyLife Subscription

MyLife is an American information brokerage firm that provides personal information through public records and other sources to automatically generate a “MyLife Public Page” for each person.

MyLife.com claims to provide public background data on over 325 million identities.

MyLife has been under a lot of scrutiny for issues such as posting misleading background reports and violating privacy and security risks. You can come across a lot of people on social media sites complaining about their privacy and the risk of the wrong people being able to find their personal information with only a few clicks.

If you are having some problems and want to cancel your MyLife subscription, we are here to guide you through the steps and answer some of the questions you may have about cancellation.

Ways to Cancel MyLife Subscription

You can cancel MyLife.com Subscription through these methods:

  1. Call their Customer Service Representatives.
  2. Online
  3. Via Email

Cancel MyLife through Customer Service

It is always better to talk out your problems, and calling customer support is the best option. Follow the steps to cancel your Mylife subscription:

  1. Dial the number (88) 704-1900 on your phone so as to get connected with one of the customer support representatives of MyLife.com. 
  2. Follow some prompts, and then you will be assigned an agent from their customer support team. 
  3. Please provide them with all the account details they ask for and then request the cancelation of your subscription.
  4. Let the staff process your request and wait for them to confirm the cancelation and provide any additional information or instructions if asked.

Cancel MyLife via Online

  1. Head to the official website of MyLife.com.
  2. Log in to your Account.
  3. Select the “My Payment Info” option from the left navigation bar.
  4. After you are in the Payment Info section, select your current subscription plan.
  5. Select the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  6. This will take you to the cancellation page, where you must enter your reason for cancelling your subscription and select whether you would like a refund (if applicable).
  7. Once you have filled out the form and submitted your cancellation, the subscription will be canceled immediately. 

Cancelation Via Email

  1. To cancel the MyLife subscription through email, you are required to compose an email with the subject line saying “Cancel MyLife.com Subscription”
  2. In the body of the email, you need to provide information like your full name, email address, and any other details that may be relevant to your subscription. Then, mention your request for the cancelation of your MyLife.com subscription. 
  3. After you are finished, you can send it to the email address[email protected].
  4. Then, you have to wait for a response from the MyLife.com customer support team confirming that your subscription has been canceled.

Queries about Cancelation Fees and Refund

Are there any cancellation fees to Cancel MyLife.com Subscription?

No, there are not any cancelation fees for any MyLife services. They don’t charge any cancelation fees, no matter the duration of the subscription.

Can I get a Refund After I cancel my Subscription?

Yes, you can request a refund once you cancel MyLife for any prepaid services by calling their customer service representatives.

However, many customers seem to be having issues with refunds. There are a lot of people online who have complained about the email customer service not replying or replying late to them when asked about refunds. For some, refunds are delayed, some only receive partial refunds, and some don’t receive any at all.

Important Info:

There may be some personal information regarding you on the MyLife.com website, even if you don’t have a subscription and never signed up for it. This is because MyLife mostly collects information about you from public records published by the government and various sources across the internet.

How to remove yourself from MyLife.com?

A lot of people have discovered their profile on MyLife.com, even if they never signed up for it and never gave their consent for their personal information to be displayed on the site publicly.

If you happen to find your profile on the site without your consent, it’s fully justified for you to worry about the violation of your privacy and other risks, such as security. In such case, you can remove your profile completely from MyLife.com in two ways:

Through Phone

  1. Call MyLife Customer Support at 1-888-704-1900 and tell them that you’d like to delete your profile(s). 
  2. Make sure to have the following information handy:
    Name, Age, Date of Birth, Email, Current Address, at least one Previous Address
  3. Tell them that you want your profile removed from their site and affiliated sites. Then, please provide the information that they ask for.

Through Email

  1.  Email [email protected] for the removal of your profile.
  2. Mention in the email that you want yourself removed from the site.
  3. Make sure to provide the link to the profile you saw in MyLife.com
  4. Afterward, you will receive a reply saying your profile has been removed.
Cancel MyLife.com through Email | Credits: DeleteMe

If you want to learn further about how sites like MyLife.com collect Personal Data, you can refer to the following article by USA Today.


Is my MyLife.Com Subscription Automatically Renewed?

Yes, MyLife.com subscription has auto-renewal feature. After your current subscription is over, it automatically renews for next month. So, if you don’t want to continue your subscription, make sure to disable auto-renewal.

How can I contact MyLife.com Customer Service?

Customer Service Contact Number: (88) 704-1900
Customer Service email: [email protected]

Can I Reactivate My MyLife.Com Subscription?

Yes, you can reactivate your subscription to MyLife.com that you had canceled before.
For that, log in to your MyLife.com account and renew your subscription; then, you will again be able to use its services the same way you did before.

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