How To Cancel 1776 Society Membership? [Step-by-Step Guide 2023]

1776 Society is a group of like-minded individuals on a mission to protect America from dirty selfish politics and politicians. The members work together to preserve patriotism.

If you have been a part of this revolution and feel like you have done your part. You can easily cancel 1776 Society Membership and give other fellow Americans an opportunity to work for a cause greater than oneself.

A 1776 Society member is committed to these three objectives: Unite The Right, Preserve Patriotism, and Protect America. These three objectives are determined with a single purpose to Make America Great Again. The 1776 society is committed to clearing all the dirt from their society and providing a positive, clean, and progressive environment to future generations.

However, For any reason, If you’re considering canceling your 1776 Society Membership. You can follow these steps to cancel the 1776 Society Membership in no time.

Quick And Easy Methods To Cancel 1776 Society Membership

What Is 1776 Society ?

To cancel your 1776 Society membership, you can follow any of these 2 Sureshot methods :

  1.  Cancelation Via Email
  2.  Cancelation Through PhonCall

You can follow any of these methods to cancel the 1776 Society Membership without breaking a step. Both of these methods will work perfectly.

How to Cancel 1776 Society via Email

One of the most preferred ways to cancel any Membership is via Email. Here’s how  You can cancel your 1776 Society Membership via Email in 5 simple steps:

  1. Compose an Email to the membership support at [email protected]
  2. In the subject line, write “Membership Cancelation Request”.
  3. In the email body, clearly state your intention to cancel the 1776 Society Membership.
  4. Provide all the necessary details along with your verification membership and click on send.
  5. A representative from the support team will contact you and help you with further process.
  6. Once all procedures are completed, you will receive a confirmation email officially canceling your 1776 Society Membership.

Info: Always ensure that you have received your confirmation email for your cancellation. Otherwise, you might still be charged for membership.

Cancellation via Phone Call

1776 Society has always been supportive of freedom of speech. If you’re not a fan of emails and like to talk directly. You can contact the support team directly at 321-888-3957 and express your willingness to cancel your membership. This way, you skip the part where you have to wait for the response email from the organization.

This way, You will then get all the necessary instructions for the cancelation procedure, and after fulfilling all the procedures, your 1776 Society Membership will automatically be cancelled. This method is fast and direct, as you don’t have to wait for instructions. You also save your time as you don’t have to write any emails.

Not Sure About Joining 1776 Society? Try This

For those who are considering joining the 1776 Society but are still having some doubts. There is an option of 14 14-day free trial, which you can join by filling out this membership form.  Just enter your details, and you will be eligible for a 14-day free trial.

This free trial will give you a good idea about the 1776 Society, and it’ll solve any doubts regarding the membership. If you wish to continue, you will be charged $19.99 after the free trial ends, or you can cancel anytime during the free trial by following any of the methods mentioned above.

What Is 1776 Society? [ Everything About 1776 Society and IT’s Membership].

1776 Society is a patriotic organization of like-minded people in the United States. 1776 Project was a commission established by former US President Donald Trump to support Patriotic education in America.

1776 Society and other organizations like Proud Patriots are a platform for patriotic Americans to unite and protect America. The members of these organizations believe in freedom of speech and making America great again.

They also support various charities to help police, military families, and veterans who are regarded as the most deserving people in America by the members.

These organizations are committed to supporting Donald Trump during the presidential elections of 2024 elections.1776 Society and other similar organizations showed their support towards the Republican Candidates by selling merchandise and uniting the patriotic members for the Election Campaign.

1776 Society also has a membership program that includes premium services like Access to exclusive articles, past newsletters, courses, and e-books, along with a 1776 society physical newsletter, access to private communities, and a chance to support charities.

The 1776 Society membership costs $19.99 monthly after the 14-day free trial.


Can I get A Refund on my 1776 Society?

Yes, you can get a refund on your 1776 Society purchases. 1776 Society offers a full refund for requests made within 30 days of purchase.

Is 1776 Society Membership free?

No, 1776 Society Membership is not free, but the society offers a 14-day free trial for its new members.

Does 1776 Society Support Charity and Freedom Of Speech?

Yes, the 1776 Society is committed to supporting the charity for the US military, police, and veteran families. 1776 Society shows full support towards Freedom Of Speech.

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