How to cancel Haven Holiday and Easy Refund

Haven Holiday is a Luxury offer provided by the British company Bourne Leisure Ltd. With multiple award winning locations all over England, Wales, and Scotland. They have strategically placed their locations in such a way that you will never feel the sound of the sea away from you.

Their customers have expressed a mixed reaction to the work of this company. They are mostly satisfied with their locations and views, but not with their price for those locations.

If you have had any sudden unwanted change in plan or, due to some other reason, if you are dropping your plan. You do not have to worry about refunds; with our smart methods, you can easily cancel your Haven Holiday and claim your refund.

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How do I cancel Haven Holiday?

Cancellation via Phone Call is the only recommended method to cancel your Haven Holiday. And your trip may be cancelled by the company in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Contact Haven Holiday’s customer support at 0333 202 5250 as soon as possible and request them for the cancellation of your reservation.

You will need to provide a valid reason for the cancellation of your reservation, after confirmation and request, they will cancel your holiday.

How to get refund?

To claim your refund, you will have to send them your document to prove your cancellation.

You have to scan and send documents such as doctor’s certification or court notification within 48 hours of request or before the holiday starts.

After you send your document and written reason to their form, they will verify your reason and check whether you are eligible for a refund or not.

Their refund process will take up to 35 days.

Can I make changes in dates and plans?

Yes, you can make changes in your plan at the rate of minimum £20 admin fee for any changes. Changes made within 56 days can be counted as cancelation.

You can get your changes in your plan with some extra cost. However, if you decline that offer, it will be counted as cancelation.

Note: If you have booked your holiday from a third party then you should contact your agent.

How can I change and edit my Plan?

Some things such as change are unavoidable. Haven Holiday gives to a platform to make changes or edit your plan. Hereby you can even add a member. But everything you want may not be availabe or available at the cost you do not want.

To change your plans you need to call them at 0333 202 5250 as soon as possilbe. You will be charged  minimum £20 administration fee for any changes.

Cancellation Policy

They have a seperate offer of Haven Holiday protection which makes you eligible for different types of refunds under different circumstances. If you have not subscribed to their Holiday protection it might be difficult for you to claim your refunds.

You are free to cancel your Haven Holiday at anytime of time before the trip.

What if you have Haven Holiday Protection?

If you have access to the insurance and are cancelling because of sickness, redundancy,  jury service or bereavement you will still get refund, check out the table for more information.

Number of days before holidaysDetails
2 days (48+ Hours)Full refund on what you have already paid.
2 days (47 Hours 59 minutes or less)30% of your total trip cost.

You will not get your money paid for Holiday Protection.

What if you cancel for other reason?

First of all if you have access to this insurance. You can cancel your trip for some other reasons and still get a partial refund .

Number of days before HolidaysWhat You Would Get back
70 days or moreFull refund minus any deposit paid
69-43 days70% refund, minus any deposit paid
42-2950% refund, minus any deposit paid
28-810% refund, minus any deposit paid
7 days or lessNo refund

Refund Eligibility

They provide refund to your original mode of payment. If you have redeemed your coupans, you will not get refunds instead you will be offerd a similar plan for your holiday.

If you travel with them in preknown group, you may have to leave without refunds.

In case of some emergency situations company will replace your location or fully refund you for your inconvenience.

How to Contact Customer Support?

You can always visit the website “” or call the company’s customer service department at 0333 202 5250.

You can call them Monday to Friday from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Or you can chat with their bot at any time.

You can visit them or mail them at

1 Park Lane
Hemel Hempstead

Official website
Phone Number0333 202 5250
Email[email protected]
Contact Details of Haven Holiday

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