Ready to Cancel Food Stamps? Here’s How to Do It Right

Are you considering discontinuing your food stamps because you no longer have to depend on them? First and foremost, congratulations on being able to stand on your feet! Your hard work has certainly paid off. We are proud of your big step and wish you further success in your life.

You may think the cancelation process is complicated, but rest assured, we are here with a simple step-by-step guide to help you get through the cancellation process.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, is a federal government program that provides free food assistance for low to no-income households people to help them maintain adequate nutrition and health. It acts as a safety net for people going through financial hardship or going through national economic crisis.

How to Cancel Food Stamps?

There are 4 ways by which you can cancel food stamps. We will help you get through all those methods.

Cancel Food Stamps Online

There are a lot of states that offer online cancelation of your benefits or close your account online. The process may seem lengthy at first glance, but it’s really easy to go through.

  1. Head to your state’s official SNAP website.
  2. If you haven’t used your state’s online EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) website before, visit the USDA directory at Then, click on your state and click the website link that pops up.
  3. You can see on their website if they do online cancelation. If they don’t, you can also just call the number that pops up with the website’s URL.
  4. If they allow it to be cancelled online, log in to your state’s EBT portal. If this is your first time logging in, you may need to link your account to your social security number and sign up with a new username.
  5. Keep in mind that the specific office in charge of EBT benefits differs from state to state. For example, In Nevada, it’s the Department of Health and Human Services. In New York, it’s the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. So, you may be redirected to a page that isn’t a Social Services department.
  6. Then, search for the option to Cancel your benefits. Remember that every state’s website is different, so if you’re able to cancel your benefits online, there has to be an option to do so in your account profile.
  7.  Enter your personal information over there.
  8.  Finally, submit your cancellation request.


There are some states that don’t offer online cancelation of your SNAP benefits or close your account online. So, first, you have to check if your state provides the online option to cancel your benefits or not. If you can’t do it online, you can just use any of the other three ways we mentioned above.

Cancel Food Stamps Via Phone Call

  1. Dial the toll-free information number 1-800-221-5689. You will get a prompt asking you to mention which state you reside in.
  2. Afterward, they will transfer your call to your local SNAP office.
  3. Make sure to be ready with your personal details like full address and social security number.
  4. Then, you can tell the local SNAP official to cancel your food stamp; they will cancel it for you.
  5. You may be asked a reason, but usually, it’s not that crucial because it’s just for general data purposes.

Cancel Food Stamps In-Person

You can visit your local SNAP office. You can find their address on their official website, or you can also simply ask about it with their customer support on their toll-free number 1-800-221-5689.

On visiting their office, you can speak with one of their officials and tell them that you want to have your Food Stamps benefits canceled

You have to provide some personal information necessary for it, like your full name, address, and your social security number. You also have to provide a reason for canceling and any other important information that is required. 

After that, the staff there will cancel your food stamp.

Cancel Food Stamps through a letter/mail

You can also cancel your Food Stamps by sending a written letter to your local SNAP office.

Compose a written letter and mention your personal information, including your name, address, and social security number, and also why you are canceling Food Stamps.

You can send it to the address of your local SNAP office. Then, wait for confirmation from the SNAP office that they have canceled your benefits.

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Can food stamps be automatically canceled by the EST?

Yes, food stamps will expire automatically when your certification period ends. Your SNAP will stop unless you timely reapply for “recertify” for benefits. Note that the certification period for SNAP ranges from 12 to 36 months.

You can lose your EBT funds permanently if you don’t use your card for nine months or more. 

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