3 Easy Ways to Cancel GoodLife Fitness Membership in 2023

Are you planning to cancel your GoodLife Fitness membership plan? You may want a 24 hour fitness gym or can’t go to the gym anymore.

Whatever the reason may be, in this article, we will guide you through an easy process of cancelling your fitness membership plan and also how you can also freeze it as well. 

With under 450 Locations under the banner of four brands, GoodLife Fitness is a chain of gyms that serve over 1.5 million members (about the population of West Virginia) across the country. 

GoodLife currently offers two popular plans: Essential and Ultimate. 

FeatureGood Life FitnessGood Life Ultimate
Good Life Rewards, Family adds, Free member ship hold Choice of your home gym ALL 200+ Gyms under GoodLife Brand
Extra Facilities Swimming pool, sauna Swimming pool, sauna, squash, Hydro Massage, Towel service
Program Access Group fitness and class, recovery 
Perks Good Life RewardsGood Life Rewards, Family adds, Free membership hold 
Cost of plan $49.99 joining fee, $33.99 every other week. No joining fee, $39.99 every other week 
GoodLife membership plans

Methods of Cancel Good Life Fitness membership

Good Life Fitness has offered its members three easy ways to cancel their subscriptions, and they are:

  1. By Customer Support Call 
  2. By Email 
  3. By Visiting your Local Branch. 

Important: Good Life Fitness Cancellation and refund policy

GoodLife Fitness requires you to have 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) prior notice for any cancellation request, meaning that if you were to cancel your request today, it would take effect only after 30 days. 

If your membership type is paid in full for 1 year, then, unfortunately, GoodLife will not allow you to cancel your membership. 

Unlike Anytime Fitness, You are entitled to receive a full refund from Good Life if cancelled within 10 days of purchasing your membership. Only for a valid reason. However, after the 10-day period, customers are not eligible for a full refund. 

Cancel by Calling Customer Support

  • Contact the GoodLife Fitness customer support at “1-800-387-2524″ 
  • Request for Subscription Termination and wait for them to connect you to the correct department. 
  • Customer Support will request your account details and your reason for cancellation. 
  • Provide them with a date from which you want your membership to end. 
  • Ask them to send you a confirmation email about your cancellation procedure. 

Cancel by sending an email 

  • Compose an email containing your name, address, account details, and membership number. 
  • Include the subject as “Request for Subscription Cancellation”. 
  • Include your reason for cancellation and the date you want to take your cancellation to take effect. 
  • Send the email to “[email protected] and wait for further instructions and updates from them. 

Cancel by visiting your Local Branch 

  • `Visit your Local GoodLife Fitness gym during office hours (generally 5 am to 8 pm; however, your local gym may have different office hours).
  • Tell the reception staff that you want to cancel your subscription.
  • They will generally ask you to meet with their manager or any other higher-up in charge of this procedure.
  • The manager will ask you to fill out a cancellation form. They might try to discourage you from cancelling so stay firm on your decision.
  • Ask for them to send you a confirmation email or message to prevent any future wrongly charged subscription renewal.

Can I freeze my GoodLife fitness membership? 

If you won’t be hitting the gym for a while, then instead of cancelling your account, you can freeze your membership.  

You can freeze your membership plan from one month to a maximum of 6 months a year, which is double what Onelife Fitness provides.

Whereas for weekly membership, you can freeze for a minimum of 2 weeks up to 4 weeks once per year. 

Different membership plans have different freeze charges. However, if your membership plan type offers free freeze, such as the GoodLife Fitness Exclusive, then you won’t have to pay any freeze charges. 

Steps for freezing your membership plan

  • You must request freezing your GoodLife Fitness membership 3 days before the intended date to take effect. 
  • Contact GoodLife Fitness customer support and ask them to freeze your membership. 
  • Please provide them with your account details and membership plan, as well as any other information they require. 
  • Provide them with a valid reason for your freeze request, and they will explain to you your freeze fee depending on your membership plan. 
  • Ask them to send a confirmation mail after the freeze takes place


When can I cancel my GoodLife Fitness membership plan?

Customers are allowed to cancel their membership plan with a 30-day prior notice anytime they like.

Is there a Cancellation fee?

Cancellation Fees can vary depending on your membership plan and length. They can go from $25 to all the way to $100.It is advised that you take a look at your type of membership policy for more information.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my membership?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership from bi-weekly to monthly and vice versa.

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